Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Encore Casino and Hotel

Howdee all,

My new favorite Hotel and Casino on the strip..

These photos just cant capture the color..

the lamps are actually red…the whole casino, hotel awesome shades of Red..Encore_040Awesome design..


Loved all the ChandeliersEncore_001

These are in the shopping area..see the crystal to the right?Encore_004Asian inspired lighting in the casino halls


Butterflies throughoutEncore_005

  Here I use the flash so that you can see the Red Chandlers..without the flash they look pinkEncore_014Entry into the Baccarat roomEncore_025





The peacocks are made of small crystals…







One of the Bars…a Huge Tree Lamp..all in red..

not the pink you see here.


I love the decor..check out the quartz knobs on this dresser

Encore_034 Views of guest check in areaEncore_039  Encore_036

View out to the courtyard

Encore_037 A bar in the casino that looks out into the courtyard..


Gorgeous courtyardEncore_049 Check out the railing with the crystal points …Encore_045

Hope you enjoyed the Pictures of my new favorite Hotel and Casino..


  1. Very pretty, but did you take away any of their money????? Jeff.
    Love walking all the hotels too. My eyes always have a hard time taking it all in. They really take to the limits, and then some.

  2. Wonderful! My wife and I were there in May 2009 and loved every inch of the place, we even had dinner in the plush restaurant and had a fantastic meal! We are going back in November 2010 and can't wait to be back in the Encore! Woo Hoo!

  3. Really neat place. I'll have to visit when we get to Vegas. Love the colors and texture!

  4. wow a very nice place ....i really wanna visit this place . I never seen such type of blog.....Nice Posting...

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  6. i think it's great! i love red, i wish i could stay one night in there

  7. I bet the pictures, amazing as they are, dont do the real Encore justice. I would love to visit this place to see if the lamps are really as red as they say...
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  8. I couldn't think that such bright colors could create such a cozy atmosphere.

  9. These are very magnificent décor elements. As designers it is always nice to see creative ideas. I really enjoyed your collection.

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