Monday, October 02, 2006

Intro to Soda Springs Idaho

We are now in Soda Springs, Idaho. Well sort of. We are outside of town one mile, parked outside of the Supper club restaurant and The Oregon Trail Golf course.

We didn't intend to stay here, but after inspecting the few RV sites they had in town we decided to stop here and see if they would let us park Homey and stay here for a few days. The owners of the Restaurant were kind enough to let us stay here for a week for a reasonable fee.

The parks in town were run down trailer parks , dumpy and no views. We were also considering staying 20 miles away in lava springs....but after driving to soda springs from there felt it would be too long of a drive....besides there seems to be a few more things to do in this area.

We will go back to lava springs for a good soak in the Hot spring pools.

We plan on doing some birding on the birding trail they have mapped out, want to see some Sandhill cranes. Also this is a Historic byway, the Oregon Trail went through here among other interesting historical stuff. We also want to fill up some jugs with naturally carbonated Hooper springs water. And of course hang out with John and Barb when they have free time.


  1. Hum-mm, a one horse town. I did not see the horse. Hope the trailer park owner does not see the video.

  2. Glad you didnt stay in the run down park.. Have fun with John and Barb.. How was that Mexican Restaurant?


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