Monday, April 20, 2009

Home made rocks and other chores

Howdee all,

Today Adele and I worked on her patio..Carthage is in the Sand hills of NC. therefore there are very few rocks to be found. Rather than buy rocks for a patio…Adele likes to make them.


Here Adele starts the process by adding two bags of cement that has gravel in it…with some peat moss.


About Half of that black container of Peat is all that is mixed with the cement.CIMG3383

The consistency is flexible, not too liquid..but thick enough to lift up and put in a form. CIMG3392 Here we are using the bottom part of a milk carton to hold the cement.


Then just plot the cement down…play around with the shape and you have a rock. CIMG3395CIMG3394 CIMG3396 CIMG3397There are many things that you can make with the mixture. 


 Just subject to your imaginationCIMG3400And Creativity…

Its allot of fun…and when we are done with the Patio we have several walkways we want to do and a few gardens to border.


After working on the Patio we spread around the Horse Manure that Craigy picked his super cool Blue Truck.

CIMG3403  This is the third truckload…We need at least two more.

Doesn't our Homey look happy near the garden?CIMG3406 Look what showed up today…Female Blue Grosbeak..where did male go? He left a week ago.

Indigo bunting was here for two days and we haven't seen him again either. Usually there are at least six of them here at a time…

Rose-breasted Grosbeak was here this morning..but we worked in the Garden near the feeders and I haven't seen him back this afternoon.

All the birdies are arriving at least a week ahead of schedule.  What's that all about?


If you decide to make some rocks..I would love to see your creations..

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative day!



  1. Oh my gosh - that is so clever! It just makes sense to create your own rock patio with cement, but it never would have occured to me!

  2. Brilliant idea on the rocks! I love the different designs!

  3. very cool rock formations are showing up there in Carthage! Del will certainly have the coolest place in the sand Hills.

  4. This reminds me of when Stacey used to make giant leaf bowls from a mixture like this.

  5. Seeing these pics makes me want to get out right now, at 12:30 at night and go make rocks! Looks great.

  6. That is smart for Delly to think up that idea for fake rocks. They look so cool. Great job on helping her. I love the step by step recap. Adele looked like she was on a mission. Love the sun, heart and leaves. I can't wait to see more. Nob you can come to my house and help me make some of that stuff.. ha ha

  7. So neat to be able to shape the concrete into "rocks" like that! That's the first photo of a female blue grosbeak I've seen at someone's feeder. Lucky you! We've not yet seen the buntings or grosbeaks here in Northwest GA. I am still praying for the siskins to head home.

  8. I really like Adele's yard. Making rocks is fun, if you can't find any. A friend adds broken pottery and glass, flat and pushed into the mix of course. Homie looks happy. Are you parked for a while?

  9. Great article, Dawn! It kind of reminded me of those old CBS Charles Kuralt "On the Road" specials. You have a great opportunity to meet and write about interesting folks in your travels. Thanks for seeing and sharing the greatness in this story. :)

  10. I love the rock path and all the other wonderful creations made with concrete. This is inspiring--thanks for sharing.

  11. I would never have occured to me to make rocks, but it does look like a fun project. (and a very big task!) I like the result.

  12. Oh my - what a lovely creation and what fun! That is just so pretty... welcoming, warm... rocks always lead to a nice spot. I've been wanting to create some rocks like that (life-long rock lovers here.)

    That's a super cool blue truck indeed (sporting a super nice load, too!) Love it! Indigo showed here a few days ago, no sight of the Blue or Rose-breasted yet (got eyes peeled.) The Rose-breasted has to be one of my favorites.

    What a lovely spot you're parked and "homing" around in! Wishing you a fun-filled, beautiful day.

  13. Brilliant! I have an area that needs a path - it never occured to me to make my own rocks. It looks great, and the artful insertions are wonderful.Thanks for sharing your very busy day.

  14. I love the sun that was built into the walkway... that is my favorite... but it all looks so beautiful!

  15. Andy,
    Yes and its great fun creating them.

    Yes, when you dont have make them...also its just plain fun.

    Thanks..We like experimenting with the cement.

    beachgrl ,
    Yes this is the coolest place around and everyone lines up to see our handywork..tee hee..come see it for yourself!

    Natural Moments ,
    Yes Adele made leaf bowls as well.

    Sandy ,
    So did you go out at midnight and make rocks?

    I would love to make rocks at your house tinky.

    Yeah we have so much fun making the rocks..hard work but fun..We had pine siskins just a few days ago..I think they were heading north. I hope you get the Grosbeaks and buntings soon..they are so beautiful.

    Yes I like the idea of adding stuff to the cement..we plan on doing that to one of the borders. I have collected many stones and shells that will look great in the cement stones.

    Daniel Spurgeon ,
    Thanks so much..glad you enjoyed it.

    Appalachian Lady,
    thanks..glad you like it!

    You are is a big task..but so much fun.

    I think you must make some rocks, being a rock lover.
    Hope you get those Grosbeaks and buntings soon.

    MuseSwings ,
    Oh make some..then blog about it..I would love to see others creations.

    Butterfly Garden Freak
    Hey lovely..I just want to say I wish you all the best! you deserve better. And the sun rock was made by Barbara.

  16. Dawn,
    Now that's my kind of art..playing with concrete and peat moss and forming them into rocks..Wow that was pretty cool! I just might try that myself! Thanks!


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