Sunday, January 10, 2010

Golden Canyon, Death Valley ☀ Day 1 part 1

Howdee all.

I am lovin the Valley of Death…..☀

Our first day we did a few hikes and a drive.

This first hike is into Golden Canyon..about a four mile round trip.death valley day 2_001

Rocky canyon wallsdeath valley day 2_006

I took allot of photos

death valley day 2_010

I wanted to do a slideshow…but I cant do it offline…and i need to post this in a fifteen minute time period…so we don't waste the day doing wifi…

So I give you photos…instead of slideshow…

death valley day 2_014 Shades of Golden, Orange and Yellowdeath valley day 2_017 Golden….and Blue sky

death valley day 2_018

Not allot of vegetation here..not sure what the plant is below..death valley day 2_019 Sunlight streaming thru rock..

death valley day 2_021

We approach the Cathedraldeath valley day 2_030Thru the road of gold

death valley day 2_031

The Cathedral getting closerdeath valley day 2_032Beautiful contrasts…Yellow, blue and orange

death valley day 2_033

Andrew and Jeff…..on the yellow brick road…death valley day 2_034 Andrew climbing up dune like hills..

death valley day 2_035

The Cathedraldeath valley day 2_037

Jeff and Andrew checking out another routedeath valley day 2_038 We leave the Cathedral and travel loop back to the car…

death valley day 2_045

I am now wondering if this other golden mountain is the Cathedral…death valley day 2_047 or maybe just a second one….

death valley day 2_048

Sand dune looking hillsdeath valley day 2_051 Great textures….

death valley day 2_059

This was a mining area….we check out a minedeath valley day 2_064Quartz…

death valley day 2_070

Crystals…death valley day 2_079Almost out of the Canyon

death valley day 2_083

The valley beyonddeath valley day 2_084

death valley day 2_085

Onward to the car….death valley day 2_086 and our next adventure….

death valley day 2_088

So I am in Love with this Valley..☀☀☀

Guess,I wouldn't be lovin it so much in the summer…but now its gorgeous, fascinating…and I cant wait for our next adventure ☀


end of part 1 of 4…

Devils Golf Course part 2

Badwater Basin part 3

Artists loop drive part 4


  1. WOW Dawn! It's been 30 years since I've been to Death Valley. Your beautiful photos brought back some fond memories. EXQUISITE!!

  2. I think I like the stills better than a slideshow. I have time to really look at all the contrasts in them. I love the west...never been to Death Valley. I'm following along on your adventures.

  3. Dawn, you captured Golden Canyon very well. Death Valley certainly does offer some starkly beautiful landscapes.

  4. Does this valley have the name "Death" because it looks so dry?


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