Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mohave National Preserve….singing sands

Howdee all,

We were told the sands sang…so we went out to find out for ourselves..

The tall dune looked close…MOHAVE_018

but it wasn't as close as it looked..MOHAVE_026

On the way to the tall dune…I saw these plants…all folded into itself..

any ideas??

MOHAVE_028  Lots of tiny tracks..

MOHAVE_020 MOHAVE_019  So our dune..getting closerMOHAVE_023Up and down up and down..seems like it is getting farther away..MOHAVE_017Andrew makes it up first…as usual…  MOHAVE_015  And Jeff follows…MOHAVE_013Testing the sand for sounds…MOHAVE_014  enjoying the fine sand!MOHAVE_011  Hello from Dawn Jeff and AndrewMOHAVE_009  Andrew showing us his technique for making the sand sing….MOHAVE_007     A short video of the singing sand


On the way back I spy a heart …

MOHAVE_001A close up view of the heart! MOHAVE_003I ♥ Deserts


  1. What a fabulous post Dawn!! I LOVE the sand....and I LOVE the Heart!

  2. It did look so close! When I saw the little speck that was Andrew, you can really tell just how far and how big it was! Love that blue, blue sky and your sweet heart you found. ;c)

  3. Love the heart, and the wavy patterns in the sand. BTW, the beaches in Carmel, California (just south of Monterey) are also known for "singing sand"--it actually squeaks a bit when you kick it!

  4. You guys ROCK! Makes me oh so homesick for the west (my kids were born in Durango, CO) I love Kentucky warblers but wish we were moved to Albuquerque

  5. I miss the "left" coast too! The sands, the deserts and the highlands... your photos and video make it seem like I am there. Thank you!!

  6. Looks like a really fun day. Great pictures, love the shadows of the three of you hoooootin' it up and heart at end of the post.

  7. Very cool heart! Those sand dunes are very hard to climb. You guys are in great shape!

  8. beautiful shots. How fun to explore the singing sands and warm too.
    Hey, I met Andrew of Birding Dude on Saturday when I was birding at Floyd Bennett Airfield.

  9. Cool heart...even cooler since it is not always a heart. Could not hear the singing sands since my tv is on right now. All that sands reminds me of you know own back yard. ha

  10. Heidi and I visited the Mojave Preserve almost 5 years ago. (Gosh, can't believe it's been that long.) But, because in May the weather is quite warm we didn't bother visiting the sand dunes. I'm so glad you posted your photos. It looks like you, Jeff and Andrew really had a great time. Thanks for sharing. I've really been enjoying all your posts, Dawn, but haven't had any time to post any comments. I look forward to reading more about your travels in the Desert Southwest.

  11. The sand is awesome, of course, but that little globular (is that a word?) plant is fascinating and I HEART the heart photo. So, so clever!

    I find myself looking for heart-shaped rocks when I'm in rocky areas, but certainly wouldn't have expected to see a heart created like the one you found.

    Looks like you're hiking in a skirt in that picture. Must go back and study the shadow picture.

  12. Fun post Dawn! I love the heart too!


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