Saturday, January 09, 2010

Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park

Howdee all,

We finally left Las Vegas and are now in Death Valley

Here we are getting settled in our campsite...

Nice mountain views…

Death Valley arrival_002 Andrew setting up his tent..check out the orange glow of the sun hitting the mountains behind him..

The tents behind are a group of Texas A&M students studying Geology..

Death Valley arrival_005 The sun starts to set…

Death Valley arrival_007  We did a walk around the camp area…and low and behold…

A Golf course…Jeff and Andrew are making plans..Death Valley arrival_018  Checking out the golf course…

Death Valley arrival_013

Cant wait to go hiking here!….

We really need to do some intense calorie busting hikes…


After Gambling at a local casino…Jeff racked up some comp points…

At most casinos you can use those points at the spa, or stores around the casino.

Not at Red Rock casino..Jeff was told we could spend the points on Hotel rooms or Restaurants…We were leaving in an hour for Death Valley…we didnt need a hotel room.

Jeff convinced a Casino host to give us some money to spend, of the 180 points left, the gift shop where I found a shirt and sweatshirt for 80 dollars. She would give him no more to use at the gift shop..

That left us with 100 dollars..

The rest of the money we had to use at we went and spent 40 dollars on salads and a sandwich for lunch..and went crazy with the leftover 60.

So between the three of us we left with one apple coated with chocolate, pecan toffee candy, 2 apple turnovers, 1 pecan sticky bun, 3 dark chocolate cookies, 3 oatmeal cookies, 3 muffins, one pecan tart…and smiling faces..




We have absolutely no cell service…nada nada…

if anyone needs to contact us please send an email…

I can get email and internet between 10 and 3..if I am around…

I will try and do that at least 2x…


  1. What do you expect when you are 250 ft below sea level.....
    Donald is jealous....he loves the isolation of Death Valley. I think we might being going in the next few weeks. I'm watching the weather and once I see a week with sunshine and high 60's, we're packing up the car, or probably renting a jeep and we are heading there. Might stay in Lake Havasu for one night to break up the trip.
    Enjoy all those sweets!

  2. Great sunsets! I like your campsite better than we had at Stovepipe Wells. Enjoy the numerous hikes. I liked Mosaic canyon best. Need to work off some of those Vegas sweets.

  3. You are all really something. I am glad I am not with you, as my sweet tooth is in gear of late. The no phone and hardly any internet is a big minus for sure. But you will have fun as usual.

  4. Hey, I've been to Furnace Creek too! This is the bets time to go to Death Valley!

  5. Just look at that gorgeous sky!!!

  6. I'd love to share those goodies with you. I love sweets, esp. dark chocolate.

  7. WOW, wonderful capture of the sunset! Nice campsite too. Have fun and be safe!

  8. Great photos, happy new Year Dawn and Jeff


  9. I'm going thru all your photos of Death Valley to see what's there. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks friends and family for your comments...this gal has wifi for a night..
    and thinks she will have att internet while in Quartzite..
    hope to visit u all soon! cybervisit that is..

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