Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rhyolite, NV☀☀ Historic Townsite

Howdee all,

The second day of our trip we went to this ghost town of Ryolite.

Since I  am rushing to  post  these photos…I don't have time to add links and historical information..  I will just leave you with photos..Death valley day 2 titus canyon_043

of the areaDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_044

Well what's left of the area…Death valley day 2 titus canyon_046

  old mining town

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_048

This is the Bottle about the history here…very interesting..

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_049

Yep…made of bottles..Death valley day 2 titus canyon_050

The bottle house was built in the early 1900's by Tom Kelly. He used around 30,000 bottles, most of which once contained beer.

“It only took him 5 1/2 months to complete this house. Most of the bottles used were Adulphous Busch, (You know, it's known as Budweiser today!) anyway, there are a few patent medicine bottles that were used also.”

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_064 A collector of stuff…

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_056Bits of glass Death valley day 2 titus canyon_053

and more of the stuff collected from around town

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_059 Death valley day 2 titus canyon_058

 Porter Brothers store…to the right.. The store's basement was big enough for the town's residents to hold dances and other social eventsDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_066 Now it looks like a open air theatre…

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_068 with awesome mountain viewsDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_067

 Death valley day 2 titus canyon_070

 The Cook Bank buildingDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_072The Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad Depot

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_073  It was completed in June of 1909. It was built of concrete blocks and full gauge train rails at a whopping cost of $130,000.

“The first train in Rhyolite was in December of 1906. The rails for the Las Vegas Tonopah Railroad had already been laid and were in use way before the Station was built.  …….There were three railroad lines in Rhyolite, the next one was the Bullfrog Goldfield line that came in June of 1907. And the last one used the same tracks as the B & G and was called the Tonopah Tidewater. In fact, there were enough side tracks to have 100 cars just sitting there.”

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_077

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_076

Train to nowhereDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_075

Check out all the Movies filmed here

Death valley day 2 titus canyon_079 funky artwork on the outskirts of RhyoliteDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_088   Sit down and enjoy the viewsDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_084  Ghost riderDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_083 The last supper…Death valley day 2 titus canyon_090

Venus of Nevada.Death valley day 2 titus canyon_092

The labyrinthDeath valley day 2 titus canyon_097

After this tour we took a drive thru some more amazing rock formations…

We really enjoyed Death Valley…and…I have lots more posts to come..

right now we are on our way to Quartzite after spending last night

in the Mohave Desert…

this morning we made music in the sand dunes…

I will post a video in a few days…


  1. It has been a few years since I was there. The ghost rider and last supper is new. I was wondering it they were trying to do any upkeep on the remaining buildings. Is the man and his wife still holding up in the bottle house? I surely hope it doesn't just blow away one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great place! I didn't get much of Nevada on my drive through there (via I80) but what I saw was so starkly beautiful. Can't wait go to west again.

  3. I find ghost towns fascinating! This one in particular looks really intriguing--a busy little town appears suddenly in the middle of nowhere--and almost as suddenly disappears. Sad and romantic!

  4. Looks like a pretty cool place! Thanks for sharing these images with us.

  5. Lucky you - we were there before visitors were allowed in the town - we could only see from the road. From your photos, it looks to be in much better shape than the ghost towns we did see.

  6. Thanks for sharing Ryolite, didn't get to go there. Very cool and funky place.

    Hope to hear from you for a visit in Q.

  7. All that colored glass is to die for.. That bottle house was neat too.. Love the ghost rider.. LOL


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