Monday, January 18, 2010

Eureka Dunes sunset, Death Valley

Howdee all,

This is the continuation of the gorgeous sunset we saw….

As the sun sets the colors begin to appear…P1050851

Some pinks …


Blues against blues..P1050856And then…wow…


The most amazing streaks of pink to the east…P1050861 And to the west..a combination of orange and pink..and gold..P1050862So..we waited and watched…the pink P1050863 in the east….until it faded…P1050864 And then the orange to the west….P1050865 P1050866   As it turns into a thin strip…..and we say goodbye…P1050871


  1. Excellent shots at the dunes Dawn. I love the shadow shapes as the sun westers. Then to be blessed with a beautiful sunset. I'll definately visit Death Valley again.

    With rain and coming snow I've decided not to venture to Q. Sorry I'll miss you.

  2. Wow, I love that pink & blue sky! (I have a ball of variegated yarn sitting on my desk that has all those same colors in it!)

  3. @Gaelyn..Thanks..understandable about the weather..we were planning on leaving thursday..think we might head out wednesday before the big rains..
    sorry we missed each other..maybe next time!

    @ Ruthie..thanks..I am loving your profile picture

  4. Beautiful and peaceful pictures of the dunes and the sunset. Nothing is more beautiful than complete nature and no man made stuff in the view. Since Joe and I have been on the road, I've appreciated this the most. I love people and our creations and inventions but no one can compete with God's beauty!

  5. I loved the way the pink sky turned the blue mountains to pink. Its like the mountains said "oh yeh...well look what I can do!"

  6. Oh..and that first picture..sans a masterpiece.

  7. The Sun set at dawn is always so beautiful and eye catching. It always gives a better sun shine and lovely rainbow colors to the sky.

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments ....I now have pretty regular internet here in I hope to be able to reply to comments and read more blogs..
    see u in cyberspace!


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