Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ

Howdee all,

Here we are in one of my favorite Campgrounds…

Catalina State Park…shhhh don't tell anyone about it…

Water and Electric sewer hookups ..14 day max stay when the park is busy..which it is now.

But look how large the sites are.. catalina _029

No wall to wall neighborscatalina _032breathing room to watch the birds..

Lesser goldfinchcatalina birds and_019

Gila woodpecker catalina birds and_015catalina birds and_009 to look at the mountains… and clouds..catalina _041

as they turn colors …

Evening pinks…catalina _061 catalina _063Ahh… catalina _065 more from around Catalina and Tucson…

Stay tuned….


  1. We went hiking in Catalina last year--good place for birds. The campground looks great.

  2. gorgeous. It's really an escape to see these photos. At least the sun finally came out here. Seeing blue sky again was wonderful......nothing like what you're seeing, but I'll take it!

  3. Pretty! What's the weather like, temperature-wise?

    I'm curious--are you feeding the birds or does the campsite owners do it? The birds look grateful!

  4. Beautiful evening scenes Dawn and some great shots of birds.

  5. Arizona is so awesome. You have to love a state with Lesser Goldfinch and Bridled Titmouse!

  6. Dawn, you are almost in my backyard! I'm still a little south of you but I hope we can get together. What do you say?

  7. Looks like Heaven to me, this time of year, at least. :)

  8. @Appalachian Lady
    Oh when were u here last year? It is great for birds..regulars here now..just starting to see a few diff birds coming in.

    Hey..i have been over to your blog..and looks like you are seeing some great stuff..not to mention your wonderful artwork..

    @ merrilymarylee
    The weather is mid sixties during the day..fourties at night..
    We set out feeders..most campers do that here...


    @ Weedpicker Cheryl
    yeah..and we just saw the bridled titmouse today...what a cute little thing..

    Yes for sure..we will certainly see each other for the BwBTC bird outing i am planning for March..and if you want to bird sooner as well just give me a shout..
    will be in Catalina state park until next wednesday then onto Gilbert Ray state park..

    @Stine in Ontario
    Thanks..and thanks for dropping by and commenting..I appreciate it.


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