Monday, January 11, 2010

Badwater Basin, Death Valley NP☀ day2 part3

Howdee all,

Lowest point in the United States

death valley day 2_102Badwater Basin 282 feet below sea level….

death valley day 2_104  my finger points to a white sign the is at sea leveldeath valley day 2_103Dont drink the water….very salty…death valley day 2_105

This boardwalk looks white as snow…it is salt…death valley day 2_108  Crystals of salt..death valley day 2_109

death valley day 2_113 I really liked this terrain….death valley day 2_112 It reminded me of a crackled meringue topping

death valley day 2_116

Lines of salt….death valley day 2_121 We all tried the salt…Andrew has high blood pressure from all the salt he ate..death valley day 2_120 I couldn't get enough of the salty crust….death valley day 2_122 loved the textures..death valley day 2_117 The salt crystalsdeath valley day 2_133 The whitest crystals were in the cracksdeath valley day 2_126  Andrew takes a breakdeath valley day 2_123 I want some lemon meringue pie with wisps of browned meringue please..

death valley day 2_143Salt crystals with thin hair like threads death valley day 2_141A Salt Crystal Hole

death valley day 2_151 Wouldn't want to be out here in the summer heat…death valley day 2_146Temp was in the mid sixties….awesome day…  death valley day 2_144


Stay tuned for Artists point drive..our last tour of day 1


The Valley of Death ☀


  1. Why do I suddenly have the urge to drink lots of water.
    Cool photos of the beautiful salt crystals.

  2. Wow, thanks for posting these amazing images Dawn. An unbelievable place.

  3. What is the temperature there now? Don are I are planning on leaving here on Thursday and spend some time in those parts I've been watching the weather. Seems to be 60 in Vegas and sunny.

  4. What an other worldly place. I guess I have a new place to visit.

  5. That place is so cool. Andrew must be having a blast.. I need to catch up on your other blogs..

  6. Awesome.... I will have to go there with my wife, thanks for sharing!

  7. These photos are fantastic. It reminds me of a drive my husband and I took from Vegas through Death Vally on route to Yosemite. The temperature was 106 degrees so we didn't stop. Your photos make me want to visit int the wintertime.

  8. FASCINATING! I want to show this to the grandsons.

  9. It is just a weird and amazing place to visit.The earth is just cracked by severe and intense cold and snow.


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