Friday, January 15, 2010

M0saic Canyon, Death Valley☀☀Its all about the rocks..

Howdee all,

Mosaic Canyon 

This blog post is dedicated to my Rock loving family..wish I could have brought a few of these home to you…but..hope you are happy with just photos…

Mosaic is a Gorgeous canyon not to far from Stovepipe Wells.

mosaic canyon_024 Its all about the ROCKS here

mosaic canyon_027“The most common rock formation in the canyon is the Noonday Dolomite. This limestone is rich in magnesium and formed 750 to 900 million years ago when the area was part of the Pacific Ocean. This sedimentary material was later buried to great depths by younger materials and was subjected to pressures and temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, much of the limestone was altered, or metamorphosed, into marble. Subsequent uplift and erosion have since re-exposed these metamorphic rocks.” 

mosaic canyon_032 mosaic canyon_030 Some of the rock shiny and polished

mosaic canyon_036

Limestone Marblemosaic canyon_040

A close up of the Marble mosaic canyon_038 Jeff and Andrew taking photos of the marble

mosaic canyon_041shiny marble carved by watermosaic canyon_042Polished

mosaic canyon_043

Rocks coming out of rock walls..mosaic canyon_044We hiked in about 2 milesmosaic canyon_056and it was truly all about the

ROCKSmosaic canyon_054mosaic canyon_055      Blue Green coming out of Orange

mosaic canyon_062 A mixture of the colorful rocks mosaic canyon_068I know all my family would have loved some of these colorful rocks..

but..this is a Park… mosaic canyon_065 So I send you virtual rocks

mosaic canyon_092

  Large ONES..

mosaic canyon_094

Conglomeratesmosaic canyon_095

A rock mass melting on top of another rockmosaic canyon_047

An interesting colorful layered rock mosaic canyon_109interesting stitching on this orange rockmosaic canyon_112Marvelous Marblemosaic canyon_113Rocks in Rocks in rocks….mosaic canyon_114mosaic canyon_115   more rocks with that white stitch marking… mosaic canyon_117          See the white marks

mosaic canyon_107

A Marble slidemosaic canyon_134 Colorful … mosaic canyon_139Painted by time… mosaic canyon_140 Mud rock….

mosaic canyon_141 and amidst the rocks….

Plant life

mosaic canyon_071 It is so amazing how well these plants have adapted

mosaic canyon_138

to this dry climatemosaic canyon_120

mosaic canyon_121

Beauty in the beast…mosaic canyon_085  mosaic canyon_123mosaic canyon_077 And living creatures…I found this dried up Tarantulamosaic canyon_128A Rock serpent ..showing off

mosaic canyon_079 We all had a great time…Andrew climbed higher to see further

mosaic canyon_060

We enjoy climbing on rocks..mosaic canyon_098

mosaic canyon_137

Playingmosaic canyon_157 …Sliding on the slippery marble surface…

mosaic canyon_155  And just absorbing the scenemosaic canyon_150The end of the road for us was this tall waterless fall….no climbing gear…mosaic canyon_105

So we left …jumping for joy…

at the sights we had seen   mosaic canyon_152It was a wonderful place……   mosaic canyon_162


  1. Dawn, these are all spectacular captures of a truly amazing canyon. Mosaic was my favorite and you transported me back. Thanks.

    So where to next? Still planning on Quartzsite? Where will you be staying? I'd love to come down.

  2. What a wonderful place sicksta. That's ok about the rocks, though it would have been cool to see them close up.

  3. Absolutely wonderful pictures Dawn & Jeff. It boggles my mind why people have to go overseas when there is so much to see here, in the USA.

  4. Those rocks are sooooo cool! You are so lucky to be able to explore the United States and see such awesome places..

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous place Dawn. Thanks for taking us along. ;c)

  6. Hey, I've been there too! This is my all time favorite canyon!

  7. @Gaelyn..
    We are boondocking off of a frontage road with the escape boomer group..we are not part of the group ..but our friends are...
    will be here until next thursday or friday then head to Catalina State park.
    Let me know if you are heading this way..will invite u over...I think u can park anywhere around here...will give u my phone number if u want to park around here..

    yes would have loved some of the rocks..i did find some cool rocks outside of the park...bringing them..

    yes muther..lots to see in the good ole USA..

    yeah..u would have loved to hike here..great exercise!

    you are most welcome..will be visiting u again soon..i have internet..slow..but it works..

    Great place isnt it..Death Valley is an awesome place.

  8. Thanks for sharing these superb rock formations. FAB.

  9. The colors of the stones are fantastic, as if from another planet!


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