Monday, January 04, 2010

Birding with Twitter buddy

Howdee all,

Last week…Fellow tweeter Pat Bumstead aka @Patbumstead and I met for the first time. We had been reading each others tweets for sometime now and chatting via twitter. She knew that I was here in Vegas..and she and her husband were flying in from Canada to visit family. So we planned to meet up for a day of birding.

Birding with pat_019 She and hubby met us in Calico Basin where we have been parked for over a month now…(Thanks Mark and Debbie for letting us stay so long!)

We started our birding day at Red Springs..not to far from where we are staying.

Crissal Thrasher

birding with pat_001 Canyon Wrenbirding with pat_018

We then drove to Spring Mountain state park..

on the way we saw two Golden Eagle soaring high in the sky.Birding with pat_003

    We did a tour of the Ranch house…former home to Howard Hughes and other Hollywood stars.

birding with pat_058

I wanted to take this off the wall and put in my bedroom.Birding with pat_010 Birding is a bit slow here in the winter..but this Say’s Phoebe posed for us a few times.

birding with pat_042 Lunch at the park with awesome backdrop!

birding with pat_059 Say’s posing again..

birding with pat_053We walked to the pond to see what ducks were there.

Amongst the many coots were Green wing teal, Rink necked ducks. Ruddy ducks. and a few Killdeer.birding with pat_068 birding with pat_065 Red-naped Sapsucker

birding with pat_070

Wild Burro Birding with pat_013 we went to Bonnie springs in search of the Mexican Black-throated Magpie Jay..

no luck..but I did spot this awesome stage coach..birding with pat_076And a Peacock…

birding with pat_079

Went to a wash in search of the Magpie Jay…Pat spotted this fence post decorated as a facebirding with pat_086  Pat also spotted the moon rising….nice photo op.birding with pat_091 We then went to the town of Blue Diamond to look for the Magpie Jay again…

no luck…

Pat made friends with a not so wild Burro…who she called Stevie

birding with pat_103

It was so nice to meet Pat tweet buddy…and spend the day with her!

But all good days come to an end..

Until we meet again.

Check out Pats awesome blog

Bird Canada


  1. How fun to meet with a fellow tweeter and go bird watching. I'm loving this park and need to check it out this summer. Drove right past it on the way to Death Valley. Are you still heading there? Great captures of the gorgeous country and birds. Hope to meet you in Quartzsite.

  2. Beautiful area. Glad it was such a good time.

  3. Great scenery Dawn, love the Donkey.

  4. WOW, cool birds and excellent photos Dawn! Nice photo of you and Pat, glad you got to meet her.

    That's funny, that Burrow looks like my brother and his name is Steve too!

  5. Sounds like a WONDERFUL day!

  6. ...I love meeting up with fellow bloggers and making a birding day out of it. Looks like you had fun. ...I love that sweet looking burro too!

  7. Looks like a great day in a beautiful area. Love that Phoebe!

  8. Peacock! - is that a countable species? Good series - it's fun following your travels. Me? I'm hunkered down by the fire while it snows outside, brrr!

  9. That's so great that you were able to meet up with Pat. I will definitely visit her blog. Great photos of your trip. The photo of you, Pat and Stevie the friendly burro is really sweet. Happy 2010!


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