Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mohave National Preserve

Howdee all,

We traveled thru Mohave National Preserve on our way to Quartzite…we had intended to do a hike and drive in Death Valley that same day..but the weather turned cold and we opted to drive to the Preserve in hopes of warm again.

We drove most of the day and arrived at the Kelso Depot Visitor Center shortly before sundown…

MOHAVE_079 We pop in..and catch a video and get information on where to camp overnight.MOHAVE_074  We caught some nice light…

Which lit up the train and it looked like it was made of gold..

MOHAVE_076 The train station looking east…


And north of the station…sunlit grasses

MOHAVE_073  and the sky starts to get some color…

MOHAVE_072  Depot and mountains lighting up…MOHAVE_071    As we drove to the campsite…

An amazing sunset…….

So…woulda shoulda coulda…

If i woulda listened to Jeff..I shoulda driven in the car with Andrew..then I coulda stopped off the road and taken some awesome shots of this amazing cloud formation and sunset.

MOHAVE_055  Jeff couldn't pull of the road in the Homey…no shoulder…

so blurred foregrounds…

MOHAVE_045 So now we turn onto the road to the camping area..and Jeff was able to pull over for me to take some photos..

but…I shoulda walked forward more to avoid the telephone wires..

And well..what was bright pink..faded to pale pink..

still beautiful.. MOHAVE_041softer pink now…   MOHAVE_038MOHAVE_036 We drive on to the campsite..

and the pink is gone.. MOHAVE_034    And Ballie comes out of Homey to find some grass…

Ballie doesn't like the desert..

he is looking forward to some Green grass to chew…

MOHAVE_029 That night, Jeff, Andrew and I pull up chairs and blankets and stare at the stars…

we saw a few shooters.

Another wonderful day in the Desert!


  1. Such beautiful country! Your photos are wonderful. Most could be part of Shadow Shot Sunday today.

    I do envy you your travels.

  2. Doesn't Ballie toss hairballs when he eats grass? My animals always ate grass outside, then came inside to hark it up on the rug.

    Maybe you can grow a pot of catnip in the Homey and keep him happy.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful sky pictures! I can see why you wanted to capture the pink! Sounds like you're having a relaxing, fun time. Enjoy your adventure!

  4. I've been following you along Dawn and seething with jealousy the whole way! The west is so beautiful. I just love our country and hope to get to see more of it one day. You're such a lucky lady!

  5. What wonderful colour and light, great photos! I do envy your way of life :)

  6. Wow!!! The colors....and the very beautiful. You could totally get lost in that sky at night.

  7. WOW - what beautiful sky shots Dawn! Great post!


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