Saturday, January 30, 2010

Picacho Peak rainbow

Howdee all,

Took these photos last week…We were staying at Picacho Peak RV resort to weather out the storm that came thru the area…

Had a wonderful Double rainbow…but i couldn't get far enough away from it to capture the whole thing… RAINBOW PICACHO_008 but it was a beautyRAINBOW PICACHO_005I don't know if its because we spend so much outdoors..

or because we are lucky..but we have been seeing several double rainbows a year lately..

Of course, I will never tire of seeing them….

Rain brings such wonderful things…RAINBOW PICACHO_002 We only stayed in the area a few days…needed to get to Tucson for a birthday party…

So Picacho peak will wait for us…want to do some hiking there…… picacho_002 We are now in one of our Favorite Campgrounds..

stay tuned….


  1. Oh Dawn...the rainbows are lovely! Rain brings life! Love this post!!

  2. What a treat! Being such an outdoorsy type person it's surely no coincidence you've seen so many double rainbows.

  3. Yes, what is it with you and rainbows. And double ones at that. I've been out side this year and not seen that many rainbow. Must be because you and Jeff are so special. I mean that in a nice way, not a sarcastic way.

  4. Your rainbow is fantastic! I never tire of them. My daughter captured one the other day - perhaps the same one.

  5. How beautiful Dawn! In that first photo, it looks like the rainbow ends... in Homey!

  6. Thanks Gals! It really is wonderful to see these rainbows..I cant imagine ever tiring of it..
    Thanks again for your kind comments!
    sorry it has taken me so long to respond..but well..I have the same old excuse..
    Poor internet at our I am here using wifi at a coffee shop...


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