Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wildrose mountain hike, Death Valley ☃ Snow…

Howdee all,

We decided to check out a different terrain…and took a drive to hike up Wildrose.

I wanted to hike Telescope Peak but it was not suggested this time of year due to ice and snow.

Wildrose Peak
4.2 miles
Moderately strenuous with an elevation gain of 2,000 feet
Begin hike on trail at north end of Charcoal Kilns parking area. Mileage from the kilns to the top of Wildrose Peak is 4.2 miles. Good alternative when Telescope Peak trail is snow covered. Spectacular views.

We travel over an hour to get to the trailhead..

The road looking west…..see the snow capped mountains in the distance…

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_003

The Wildrose Charcoal Kilns
“In 1877 George Hearst’s Modock Consolidated Mining Company completed construction of the charcoal kilns in Wildrose Canyon. The charcoal produced by the kilns was to be used as fuel for two silver-lead smelters that Hearst had built in the Argus Range 25 miles to the west. The kilns operated until the summer of 1878 when the Argus mines, due to deteriorating ore quality, closed and the furnaces shut down.
The Wildrose kilns employed about 40 woodcutters and associated workmen, and the town of Wildrose, a temporary camp located somewhere nearby, was home to about 100 people. Remi Nadeau’s Cerro Gordo Freighting Company hauled the charcoal to the smelters by pack train and wagon.
Each of the 10 kilns stands about 25 feet tall and has a circumference of approximately 30 feet. Each kiln held 42 cords of pinyon pine logs and would, after burning for a week, produce 2,000 bushels of charcoal.
Considered to be the best surviving examples of such kilns to be found in the western states, the kilns owe their longevity to fine workmanship and to the fact that they were in use for such a short time.

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_005

We went into the kilns and stomped on the floor…it sounded like we were.. beating a drum..wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_006 We start the hike..this is the view looking west to the snow capped mountains..

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_013

A closer lookwildrose hike and charcoal kilns_017 Snow on the trail…we need to watch our step..a bit icy as well

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_018

  A different terrain then what we had been experiencing in Death Valley…

Juniper and Pinion pine..wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_025 Distant views of Death Valley…wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_029

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_030

Cactus in the snow..wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_034

Shadow shot on rock….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_042

Some great views as we hike the trailwildrose hike and charcoal kilns_044

This is Telescope Peak…covered with snow…we were told not to hike it this time of year…

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_046

Death valley views in the distance…warm in the Valley and chilly up here..wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_047

Another view of the Valley…salty white..

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_056 I enjoyed natures wood sculptures… wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_069

Getting closer to the summit…more open views of the valley and distant mountains in Nevada.

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_060

Yippeee…I made it..

view looking west….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_063 Andrew said he was waiting at least a half hour for us…

Guess I am a bit slow…

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_066

Great views of the Valley wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_067And then it was time to leave the mountain top….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_068   Cactus amongst the cones…

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_083

Cone amongst the snowwildrose hike and charcoal kilns_084I don't know what this shrub is..but I loved the flower or whatever this is… wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_093 I found a wood animal….Andrew said it was a frog…

wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_097

Andrew on ice….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_098

Another way to play…slide down the ice….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_099And back again…as the sun leaves the Kilns….wildrose hike and charcoal kilns_103I really enjoyed seeing this different terrain after being in the Desert… 

We are now in Arizona…working our way to Tucson..

A few more posts of this trip to come…


  1. I love how those kilns look; from a distance, they appear to have a woven texture, like baskets! Really pretty shots.

  2. Oh, it is sooo nice to see the blue sky in your pictures! Clouds, rain and cold in Maryland for too long.

    So, when do you head East?

  3. those kilns are neat looking!

    I never thought I'd see cactus in snow!

  4. I love the pics, especially the ones with the weathered trees - they are strinking. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. love the shapes in the logs, 2nd one looks like a bighorn sheep, looks like a wonderful spot to spend time


  6. Another interesting series, Dawn - esp the cactus in the snow - almost seems like that should be a contradiction. But in general, those little patches of white are not real snow :)

  7. Dawn, this is one of my favorite posts. I love the desert and have always wanted to visit Death Valley in the winter. I love hiking. I love nature. I love wood animals, ha. I love everything about this post. THere is probably a lot I've missed here so when I find more time later I hope to get back for more.

  8. Wow stunning scenery again Dawn, you go to all the nice places.

  9. Cool kilns. What a neat place to visit. I love Nature's wood sculptures, too.

  10. I don't have a plant book for the region in front of me, but it reminds me of a mountain mahogany.

    I just love these high elevation forests above the deserts. This is a beautiful part of the world with the highest and lowest points of the continent all in one small area.

    Keep on enjoying your travels Dawn as you so well know how to do.

  11. Dawn, yes! yes! yes! I want to meet! You have been on my mind and I was going to come looking for you today actually. I have been quite busy and quite sick so I am way behind on everything but I did remember you were suppose to be here this winter and I was so hoping that I had not missed you.

    If you were in Picacho Peak area last night you must have been lamblasted by that wind! We could get snow tonight! Please email me and let me know when and where you want to meet! I may be heading to Kentucky sometime in February to see my newest grandbaby but I'm not sure when yet.

    BTW, fantasatic photography of this place. I love the beautiful mountain vistas and the wood sculpture and wood frog!

  12. So many breathtaking photos! SO neat to see cactus in the snow - so unusual! And I loved that wood animal you found too!

  13. I can always count on furthering my edukashun here! :) Had no idea how charcoal was made. The kilns are fascinating. No one else was around?

  14. Superb captures....I can definitely see the frog :)

  15. Felicia
    thanks..yeah ..I like the description of the kilns as woven

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Howdee..we head east starting in March..will spend a few months in Texas and then to North Carolina for a month mid may...then onto new england for the summer...

    Hi bobbie..yeah i thought the cactus in the snow was a pretty sight.

    Hi Cindy..Thanks..I was happy to check out your blog..actually..I am happy to now have somewhat more regular internet...

    Thanks..oh hee..i see the bighorn sheep now..

    Chris Petrak
    Thanks Chris...Not real snow?? hee hee..ok not like Your snow..which is much more and well..longer lasting...

    Howdee Sandy..So glad you enjoyed the post..I highly recommend Death Valley in the winter..LOvED It

    Thanks ..yeah..i sure am lucky to be able to go to all these awesome places..

    Wendy glad you enjoyed!

    Natural Moments
    Thanks for commenting...I know are also a hiker and travelor..and see many wonderful areas...

    Howdee...dont know if you recieved my facebook email..but..i am now thinking one of the first two weekends in march..and thought Patagonia would be a nice place to bird...
    let me know what u think...

    Thanks Shelly! glad you enjoyed!!

    not many people around...saw maybe eight others at most...snow you know..:)

    Oh Thanks! hee hee glad u can see the frog..

    Thanks again everyone for your comments..always appreciated..

  16. Wow Dawn -- beautiful pics capturing all the lovely colors of the earth and sky. Thanks.

  17. It's so strange that the name of the park doesn't match its views!

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