Friday, January 08, 2010

Rock Climbing Calico Basin

Howdee all,

Mark and Debbie took us rock climbing a few days ago..

Mark setting up the rope…

Rock climbing jeffs pics_002

Rock climbing jeffs pics_003 After Mark Sets up the Rope he heads down Rock climbing jeffs pics_005 Deb getting Andrew set up to climbRock climbing jeffs pics_007 Andrews first climb  Rock climbing jeffs pics_010Looks like Andrew enjoyed the climb! Rock climbing jeffs pics_029 Deb ClimbsRock climbing jeffs pics_031Rock climbing jeffs pics_032My Turn

Rock climbing jeffs pics_038

Thats me! Rock climbing jeffs pics_042Andrew relaxing after the climb rock climbing dawns_006 One more time Rock climbing jeffs pics_064

Check out the photo album

We are leaving Las Vegas today and heading to Death Valley…and probably no internet whatsoever…

We will be in Death Valley for a week…and will arrive in Quartzite on the 15th..

Hope to see some of my blogger buddies there!

Thanks Mark and Debbie for letting us stay so long in your beautiful Calico Basin

Its been a blast!


  1. Oh man I wanna climb ! Looks like so much fun. Looks like good exercise and a "joy rising" experience. Thinking of you.

  2. All I can say is "You're crazy!" No way Jose'

  3. You are one brave girl Dawn!

  4. I'm stunned! I'd probably be back in the homey, eating. You go, girl! (Wish you could take my butt along. Wonder how many calories you burned!)

  5. This looks like SO much Fun!Have fun in Death Valley. Hope to see you in Quartzsite. Where will you be staying?

  6. Gaelyn...
    we are boondocking with the FMCA Boomer group..dont have directions yet...we will arrive on the 15th ..would love to get together..

  7. Howdee all,,

    I have wifi for a night so I thought I would say hello and thank you for your comments..
    Sorry for not getting back to you all..but being on the road without internet has prevented me from that..
    I had just enough time to post the blog..

    but I will be back soon amongst the internet living...
    hope to visit your blog soon!

  8. I guess you must have big physical strength to climb rocks


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