Sunday, January 10, 2010

Devils Golf Course, Death Valley☀day 1 part2

Howdee all,

They call this Devils Golf Coursedeath valley day 2_089 Very hard sharp rocks with sharp salt crystal projections…

death valley day 2_091

Don't fall down here….you will surely get hurt…death valley day 2_092Sharp and hard…

death valley day 2_095Andrew takes a closer look death valley day 2_101 Jeff takes photos….no golfing here for him…death valley day 2_098

Very interesting..very salty…

Stay tuned for part 3


  1. Reminds me of my own visit to Death Valley a few years back. What a wonderful place!

  2. Beautiful scenery, and definitely the right season!

  3. Kind of looks like you're on the moon.

  4. Enjoyed both posts ... looking forward to third. Love the way you just find that beauty in all it;s forms!

  5. It is a much wonderful place to see.It is a valley of rocks and so great.


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