Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eureka Dunes, Death Valley ☀

Howdee all,

After Mosaic Canyon…we hiked the Eureka dunes to catch the changing light..

and the sunset.P1050746

We went to hike to the top of the largest Dune…

P1050742 Mountains to the east…in the hazy sun

P1050745 The largest dune in the distance… P1050750I am tall and thin..and think I am an Avatar… dawns shadow

  See the dot on the photo above… lower left…oops…camera was dirty..

must remember to clean lens more often….you don't notice it in the photo below..


Shadows and texturesP1050762Sculpted by wind..

see the little Jeff dot? He's getting closer to the tallest dune…


Some nice clouds in the sky… P1050770

P1050774I am having a great time capturing shadows… P1050771

And cloudsP1050781  As the sun starts to set..P1050783  I found some sand without footprints…black outlines…P1050785

  Not many venture out this far…so less prints…P1050790 The setting sun lights up the distant mountains…

P1050809 The sunlight creeps higher

P1050814  and higher lighting up more of the mountainsP1050816  until they are all glowing…  P1050821

and the tops are now glowing..P1050825Clouds in the south west starting to pick up some pinks… P1050820

And bits of pink in the clouds north east…


The sun is just setting…and this is just the start of the show…


Some fun in the Dunes..we all loved running down!


  1. Okay, I admit it... I'm just a wee bit jealous!

  2. That certainly looked like a lot of fun. Gorgeous for sure, sun, sand and sky.

  3. These photos are like something from another world - they are stunning.

  4. It is the burning and hottest sandy desert. The thirst will really dry your throats. It is the biggest desert. The sun is so burning and scorching. You will never find a single drop of water to quench the intense thirst.

  5. Beautiful photos. What an incredible place!


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