Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Andrew does Red Rock

Howdee all,

Nephew Andrew is with us for two weeks. A week here in Red Rock Canyon and then a week in Death Valley.

Jeff is teaching him how to get up early and go gambling..So far I don't think he has lost too much..and Jeff is about even.

We tend to do afternoon hikes most every day.

We thought we would break Andrew in with a hike that we did when Nephew David was visiting..

andrew hike 1_001

Some light bouldering around the Calico rocks

andrew hike 1_005 Andrew enjoyed the candy cane striped rocksandrew hike 1_004 And enjoyed the challenge of bouldering..andrew hike 1_007

I really..enjoy the mixture of rocks here,..stripes, polka dot and orange.andrew hike 1_009  Andrew going down a boulder..hummm..andrew hike 1_011 watched by the experts..andrew hike 1_012 Nice job getting down!andrew hike 1_013 Another fun way to cross thru boulders…pressure with the feet on one and pressure with the hands on another..till you reach the bottom…andrew hike 1_014 Or…Jump…. andrew hike 1_015…Andrew is feeling at home amongst the red rocks…andrew_001 Like his new Home?


More Andrew adventures to come…stay tuned Rick and Gail for more fun..

You might want to brace yourself for the next segment..Mom Gail..

as Andrew will be rock climbing up a 60 foot high rock face…


ps..I do some rock climbing too!


  1. Those have to be the most gorgeous rocks ever. I cant imagine what it took to create them. You are so fortunate to experience all that you do.

  2. I believe the expression is OMG!!!!!
    The pictures are beautiful....so's my kid!
    Thanks for the warning about the climbing...I'll make sure to have a glass of wine in my hand...
    Have fun...and thanks!


  3. Those rocks really are gorgeous; they look like taffy! What a fun place to take your nephew--I'm sure you have the reputation as the "cool aunt" in your family!

  4. Gosh, Dawn, you're harder to keep up with than Waldo! (Where's Dawn???)

    I love all the southwest desert but Red Rock is particularly lovely. Great photos - though I may have to close my eyes for the rocking climbing tomorrow.

  5. I love Red Rock Canyon. Ever so much more interesting than the casinos. My tee shirt dyed with red rock is getting pale. I need to go back for another one.

    PS I'm NOT a rock climber at all!

  6. Great photos of Andrew having a great time in the rocks! Beautiful landscape!

  7. Great photos. Is that a park close to Las Vegas? I love the striped red rocks.


    this gal has wifi for a night and I am trying to get back to all my commentors..and as soon as possible catch up on blog reading...sure do miss it...

    Thanks everyone for you kind comments..
    we really have been having a great time with nephew Andrew..
    Red rock canyon was awesome as usual..
    and if you have never been I suggest you go...
    Darn...would have sent one to you if I had gotten to these comments sooner..I dont recall any tied dyed tshirts...must have changed their design.

  9. It is great if a young guy is fond of hiking


ok what do you really think?????