Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Catalina State park …Catalina Days

Howdee all,

As you know…Catalina State Park is one of my favorite campgrounds.

Walk out the door..and go for a walk..

catalina birds and_058 The recent rains have added some water to the wash..Jeff and I haven't crossed it yet to go for a longer hike.

catalina birds and_059  We will…but the past few days we have just taken short walks…

catalina birds and_045

To see what we can see…and to see if things have changed…

catalina birds and_032

The clouds change daily…

This day we walk its Bright…sunny…

Water is still flowing in the wash…. catalina_026

Saguaro Cactus just about everywhere here…


All kinds of Cactuscatalina_018 And Rocks..lots of rocks..

catalina_014 Dirt paths to paradise… catalina_013A Paradise that can be difficult in summer months..

catalina_012 and dry spells….

catalina_007 I have never experienced Catalina's Summers….

catalina_006Maybe someday we will catalina_005This time of year the weather is lovely…mid sixties during the day …and forties at night.

catalina_010 We do see birds here…even though its not peak season for them…

I need to take better photos of birds..but..oh well…

Here are a few regulars….

Black-throated sparrow

catalina birds and_053 Curve-billed Thrashercatalina birds and_049 Black-chinned Sparrow

I think it looks like a Junco with sparrow wings…BLACK CHINNED SPARROW (2) Red-naped sapsuckercatalina _051 Great horned Owl… catalina _057Rufus winged sparrow catalina birds and_067  And back at home…

Ballie rests in a box..nesting..

catalina_004Ballie doesn't care for the desert..and is hibernating until we reach some green grass. catalina_003

The internet here is very spotty..some nights it works..sometimes not…I go into town if I want to upload a blog post…or view video..

so…I love this campground…but..I miss the internet…


  1. Beautiful pictures! I posted a few pics yesterday and maybe you could identify the bird I saw in the Big Thicket National Park. Looked like a sparrow but didn't sound like one at all.
    I love traveling in the southwest!

  2. Can't hardly beat AZ in the winter, except for a lot of dusty wind, but no thanks to the lower desert in summer. Looks like a nice area to hike and ride. Poor Ballie. Carson wasn't too sure about the desert at first. Have you thought about growing Ballie some grass?

  3. Dawn, your Catalina park looks nice, I love the scenery and all the birds. The curve billed thrasher is cool looking.

  4. Very beautiful photos. I must say I an envious of the time you have to spend in nature.And all the places you get to travel to. Wonderful opportunity.

  5. DAwn, now I really need to go there! I have only seen a black-chined sp once and I thought the same thing you did-junco with sparrow wings! Did you know the state might close that park down due to budget cuts? Picacho is on the chopping block also. I hope they don't close any of them!

  6. Black-chinned & rufous -winged - good finds, and photos - we got the latter last Jan, former a few years ago - both are tough - congrats

  7. This is the kind of place I would love to be hiking.

  8. Sorry everyone for not getting back to you...just crazy busy or no internet access or well just excuses...but now that we moved camp ..GREAT INTERNET..I am thrilled..

    so...thanks for your kind comments..

    @Gaeylyn..I grew some grass for him and he turned his head..guess he prefers the stuff that grows outdoors

    If you havent been to this park..you should..wonderful place!


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