Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday touching Turtles

Howdee all,

Florida Turtles..

Florida Cooter ~ Florida Red-bellied Turtle ~ Red-eared Slider ~ Florida Softshell

turtle signTurtle lounge chair for four..Turtle (8)Looks like a few different types here..my guess is Florida Cooter and Florida Red-bellied TurtlesTurtle (7)Turtle stackTurtles jeffs (2)most of these photos were taken at Green Cay wetlands….Turtle (2)I couldn’t see much of a pattern on the back of the turtlesTurtle (1)I think this must be some type of algae growth on the turtles..Turtle (3)Check out those feet!Turtle (6)Turtle approaching log..Turtles (2)Does this look like turtle love?Turtles (8)

Sweet…Turtles (1)

Turtle jeffs

Jeff and I are here at a funky RV park in Jensen Beach, Florida.

We are a two mile walk ~over the causeway bridge~ to the beach.

Its been in the high seventies and low eighties..Shorts weather.

Hope its warming up for all my friends and family in the north~sending you boxes of warmth..hope it gets to you soon~


  1. I think your box of warmth must be coming on the back of one of those turtles. Love the rows and stacks they pose for. Nice to be close to a natural place, and warm. I'm still looking at patches of snow. But I'm leaving next week for S TX where I hope it's warmer without too warm.

  2. Cool shots of the turtles, Dawn. Love the row and the stack of them. We could use a BIG box of warmth here to melt all this snow.

  3. Amazing turtle shots, Dawn. When I looked at the shot with the yellow feet sticking out I thought you were kidding in having placed a rubber toy turtle among the real ones! Shows you can't best Nature.

  4. I love those turtles especially the couple. Our weather is not as warm as last week when it was in the 60s but still above average. Keep sending us the warmth.

  5. Super post Dawn! I LOVE Turtles!!

  6. Watching the turtles at Green Cay was fun. I remember the one that was trying to get on the log. You got a pic of it! Awesome :)

  7. Wonderful series! You post is so much fun. Thank you for the smile :) Terrific turtles!

  8. A fun post, Dawn :-))
    I like turtles! You have some great shots here!

  9. I love how turtles sunbathe! Great shots sicksta!

  10. I want yaller webs between my toes!! These mossy darlings are too much!

  11. Thanks SO much everyone for coming here to visit and comment! I really appreciate the feedback and Like that you enjoyed these Terrific Turtles as much as I did..
    Those Yellow feet are SWEET aren't they?

    Thanks again...
    And Yall come back again real soon..Ya hear:)


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