Monday, August 03, 2009

BwBTC meets Birds and Beers

Howdee all,

Another Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing!

Saturday, August 15th at 8am until.??? Victoria, MN

Lynne from Hasty Brook Blog has been working hard organizing the day for us all.

Read the Details here on her blog.

All are welcome to join us!chirp button croped

Here is the List of Cast and Characters attending at this point.

Lynne from Hasty Brook

Ruthie Johnson the Nature Knitter
Ray from Troutbirder
Roger Everhart from Minnesota Birdnerd

Hap in New Hope is Lynne's birding mentor

Virginia from Bees in the City

Mike and Lizette from Mike and Lizette's Travels and Thoughts

Penelope from Penelopedia: Nature and Garden in Northfield Minnesota

and me, Dawn and hubby Jeff..the better birder in the family

Elizabeth BudgiesRuleHere on twitter

S.Snyder Hellziggy on twitter her livejournal

Birdchick will not be able to attend as previously planned as she will be filming in Las Vegas.

Thanks Lynne for all the effort you have put into planning this event!

Thanks also to Birdchick for all her helpful info on where to bird the area.

Cant wait to meet you all!

If you are in the area and want to join us..Please comment here or on Lynne's Blog.


Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp has a great new website

76 members and growing,

Please join and check it out

We are having a photo contest open to all members!


  1. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone. Let's hope for good weather, safe travels and great birds!

  2. Do hope you all have a great time!! Get some neat shots to post!! and most of all hope you have wonderful weather!!

  3. Love meeting all the birdie bloggers... Have a tweet day my friend!


  4. I will not join you. I might think about you walking around and chatting and looking for birds while I am sweating at work, or maybe while I am floating in my pool. I am sure there will be pictures of people who love bees and birds and nature. Always seem to be kindred spirits. Nice to met them sitting here at my computer screen. Interesting thing this internet....

  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have a gorgeous late summer Minnesota day for this event!
    Can't wait to meet everyone! :-)

  6. I had to smile at Ruthie's comment. Will it be a 55 degree day or an 85 degree day? One never knows in Minnesota! LOL!

    I know it will be fun. Wish I could be there.

    hello to the birds and the birders.

  7. I hope you have great weather and a even better turnout. Have fun and I will look forward to your pictures..

  8. I do envy you guys a bit ;)
    Have fun!


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