Friday, August 21, 2009

Livingston, Mt….. A little slice of heaven

Howdee all,

We arrived in Livingston a few days ago.

My sister lives here with her family. Livingston is one of my favorite small towns.

You can walk and bike to everything. Wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, Dan Baileys fly fishing shop, health food store and more.

Here we are arriving..before we moved Homey to our spot in front of Sickstas home.livingston_20090819_001

Ahhh….the view from my Sickstas decklivingston_20090819_002

    Another view from the decklivingston_20090819_004

A view from our Homey..How cool is this!

The small footbridge leads to the park…with swimming pool, tennis courts, ball fields, small creek, pond…and over that last tree line…The Yellowstone River.livingston_20090819_006

Sicksta Charlene and I biked to the farmers market in the Park.

Country music playing at the bandstand.livingston_20090819_007

Do all farmers markets look like this?livingston_20090819_008

Little ones checking out the chicks.livingston_20090819_009

The Yellowstone Riverlivingston_20090819_012

Just a hop and skip away from our Homey…Jeff just got his fishing license.livingston_20090819_013

One of the downtown streets of Livingstonlivingston_20090820_017Oh..I did some birding too! livingston_20090820_015

Thats all for now..Did a short hike yesterday and saw a few cool birds..will post that when I have time..Too beautiful to be inside.


  1. I have never visited Montana...but this post makes me want to!
    Looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    Those buildings in downtown look so cute! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  2. That place is beautiful! They'd have to hand me my suitcase and push me out the door to leave that view.

    Sometime would you make us a score card of your sisters' locations and how the heck they got so scattered?! I picture everyone piling in the Homey for a cross country drive and whenever someone got cranky, they got shoved out on the spot. :)

    Gorgeous place to be shoved!

  3. Beautiful photos Dawn! Breath-taking country up there. Have a wonderful time!

    Love the post on the Badlands too. Outstanding photo series!

  4. Sure you will enjoy your time with your sister. Looks like a nice small town.

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  5. That is one state I've always wanted to visit.Your photos reminded me.-Looks like a perfect place to spend some time.

  6. Your sister must love living in such a beautiful place. I can't help but wonder if they have a lot of snow?

    The mountains, the clouds, the small town ... it's all a wonderful sight to see! So glad we can tag along with you and Jeff!

  7. Loved your photos... Isn't Montana just a beautiful state? We love it there! I have never been to Livingston but will swing by there on our next go around... Which should be next summer... And hey that is the kind of bird watching I really love...☺☺☺

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  8. Looks like a beautiful place to park and call home for a while. Nice to be so close to everything, including the river and view.

  9. Your pictures were enticing..looks like a nice little slice of heaven..I've never been but would like to visit some day. Love your bird capture..a night owl, I would guess!! tee he

  10. Lovely photographs. The skies are truly magnificent. All that and birding and fishing too!

  11. Hehe, love the owl Dawn.

    Livingston looks like a place I'd love to explore. :)

  12. Kerri,
    You should visit sometime..A beautiful state!

    How did you know that I pushed them out of the Motorhome? :) I should take a few left in Ct on a trip soon...maybe near Utah!:)

    Thanks John! It sure is big sky country.

    Yes one of my fav, small towns!

    you wont be disappointed if you visit Montana. just dont visit in the winter...burrrrrrrr

    A New England Life
    They have snow like u all have in new england..but its colder longer...

    Okie Dokie sicksta!

    Oh must check out this town..
    there is a small rv park in town..but outside of town a real nice one at the river.

    Yeah..thats one reason why I like it so much..everything u want is so walkable.

    hee are correct on the bird ID!:)

    NCmountainwoman is great..will post my husbands first catch photo.

    Yes ..truly a special place..put it on your list of places to see!

    Thanks everyone!

  13. Now I remember why we liked Livingston. Have fun.

  14. JIM,
    yeah..its a great town..come back and visit! Hey..we might see u this march or april..coming your way.

  15. Ohhhhh.....the view is gorgeous. I think I would love Montana with the open, free feeling. Beautiful. Nice fish too!! :-)

  16. Kelly,
    Yes you would love it here! I am sure you would take many amazing photographs..I love your photos!

  17. Beautiful photos Dawn! Breath-taking country up there. Have a wonderful time!

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  18. thistles and grasshoppers. What a varied and beautiful assortment of photos!
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