Friday, August 07, 2009

Counters were counter productive for me!

Howdee all,

Yep, I took off the page rank counters for Nature Blog Network and Fatbirder..
found they were counter productive....for me :)

I dont think everyone is affected like this..but..

I was spending more time looking at rank and trying to get hits...It was crazy!

So I took them off..whew..I feel so much better!

Thanks for all of you that continue to read my blog!

I wont know how many of you come here to visit.....
But thats ok..
I have more time to do other things.

I still fully support Nature Blog Network and all that they do! They are a wonderful community and I encourage all nature bloggers to join!

I am still and will always be a member...but no blog ranking for me..

I just had to cut myself off from the Blog Rank part.

I will also have a Nature blog network banner..but it will not have the code that will count the hits to my blog..I will just link back to this great group of people!

The blog rank made me obsess!
I am better now..

Thanks..Hope you understand!


  1. You wouldn't be the first person to obsess about something. Now you go cold turkey ha. I just made myself laugh how bout you.

  2. Way to go, Dawn! Free your mind.

  3. Hi Dawn, I can understand that... If it works for you that is great... I found some strange mushrooms on a walk today... bright red top, they looked like plum tomatoes. I will post them in a couple of days and maybe you can tell me what they are.

    Have fun & travel safe!


  4. The best thing about being obsessed is realizing it, and then doing something about it! Good for you!!!

  5. I am already obsessive about a daily post... I can't imagine wondering where I rank. ACK! Good for you Dawn!

  6. I bet alot of people go through that - I did. I had to refocus my intentions back to the blog rather then the numbers. Numbers are fickle anyway.

    It's nice to know info but not essential.

    The Nature Blog Roll exposes other blogs of similar interest. A good place to visit others.

  7. made me laugh. I remember when I first joined I told all of my family members "you have to visit my site every day so I'm not in the last place slot!" I always knew I would never be in the higher spots so I rarely look. I just like finding other bird bloggers there.

  8. Don't care about "ranking" even a little bit. But I do keep a counter of how many countries visit. That just fascinates me. I can't believe people from all over the world visit. I love to visit other countries too. It's awesome!

  9. Adele
    hee hee..cold turkey..good birdie joke ..glad u had laugh about my obsessing!

    Thanks! I am free I am free...LOL if it wasnt for my would have been perfectly fine.

    Looking forward to the shrooms!

    Thanks muther!

    Oh really u want to post daily?
    Well I am slacking off now..I was posting way too much and not taking enough time to read the blogs I love!

    Yeah i guess allot of people do go thru it..but i know i couldnt get thru it with that page rank staring me in the face way for me was to take the bottle to speak!
    Nature Blog Network is awesome..and page rank is good for many..just not for me..I went nutso!

    Hee hee..yeah i asked my fam to click on my page LOL I was a sicko..for 2 months..Now i can relax..wish I could be like you and just ignore it..but i couldnt!
    Nutz plan nutz!

    I think your great! Yes i kept the country counter and the big counter..those I dont look at often..Oh i do like to see where people are coming from..
    but i dont obsess about that thank goodness!

  10. I don't like number rankings either for the same reason.

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  12. Update.
    I was added back to NBN. They are changing their policy, I Believe, for those who would like to be members, but not wanting to be rated.
    Its so nice to have an organization that listens!

  13. Obsession is OK, up to a point. I'm so glad you're well-adjusted enough to not get caught up in this virtual rating contest Dawn! ;-)


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