Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BwBTC MN Lowry Nature Center,Carver Park

Howdee all,

Saturday August 15th

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing.

We started our outing at Lowry Nature Center, Carver Park meeting at 8am.

Lynne, besides planning the day for us, had Coffee and goodies awaiting us in the parking lot to start the day. How awesome is she!

Ruthie brought home made Zucchini bread, and it was yummy! Thanks Ruthie!

I don't know what time we actually started birding…as we took a good amount of time chatting and getting to know each other more.

BwBTC MN_20090815_003 We came to Carver to meet up with Rodger of Minnesota Birdnerd, who was doing some morning banding. It was a fairly slow morning for them because of winds,and warmth. We didn't see any of the bird banding,but did go to the indoor classroom to learn a bit more about banding.

Rodger below with white cap. Talking to our group.BwBTC MN_20090815_037 The center has a few Raptors and Owls.

BwBTC MN_20090815_001

Barred OwlBwBTC MN_20090815_007

One thing that I really love about these outings is that we are not all consumed about finding birds, Yes do want to see birds, but chatting and learning from each other takes center stage.

Thanks Richard and Mike for the Camera help.. I have yet to read my manual:)BwBTC MN_20090815_011

Its was really great to be around others with similar interests and passions.

Everyone had their own expertise to share.BwBTC MN_20090815_014 Virginia was the most adventurous about bugs and reptiles..

Ruthie seemed to like handling them as well      

Northern Red Bellied SnakeBwBTC MN_20090815_016 Wild Bee Balm.BwBTC MN_20090815_013 Jeff setting up .BwBTC MN_20090815_023 Here is proof that we actually did look for birds.

We did didn't we? :)

BwBTC MN_20090815_017 Oh course I did look down and found a few mushrooms, Haven't keyed these out as of yet but they look similar to Birch Boletus.BwBTC MN_20090815_036 Great Blue Heron

BwBTC MN_20090815_043Trumpeter  SwansBwBTC MN_20090815_041 A few of us spent a good 20 minutes IDing a distant duck..Wood Duck.

Oh well we were hoping to turn it into something different and exotic, no offense Wood Duck, you are quite beautiful…but you fooled us with your lack of breeding plumage.BwBTC MN_20090815_042

We had a very nice morning together!

From here we went our for lunch…

Stay tuned for part 3

Hyland Lake Park Reserve

For more accounts of the day click on this link and see who else blogged about our day.


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! Wish I was there!!!

  2. Looks like another great group gathering of birders who blog, tweet and chirp.

  3. Great Pictures DAwn... Looks like your having a great time.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  4. I've just started reading your blog. Lots of great stuff here... nice work!

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  5. Well after seeing yours and Lynne's (of Hasty Brook) pictures...all I can say is ...grrr I'm jealous..sure looks like everyone had a lot of fun and found some great finds!! Those raptors were awesome..

  6. Jeff was trying to get set-up for that Green Heron. I couldn't believe how many we saw that day. I usually only see 1 a year!
    (your snake picture turned out really good too!)

  7. What a lovely outing--makes me want to go on our local Bird Club field trip, haven't been in awhile.

  8. There's always time to do some birding but meeting new people who are into birding is a lot of fun.

  9. Fun, fun, fun! Yeah for Lynne! She is a real sweetheart!


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