Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BwBTC MN Hyland Lake Park Reserve

After Leaving Carver park we went to Victoria House for lunch, we all worked up an appetite after chatting…i mean…birding. :)

Everything was yummy. I would definitely go back there.jeffs pics BwBTC mn_20090815_004 From Carver we headed to Hyland Lake ParkBwBTC MN_20090815_049Some sort of Bee? anyone? Hanging out in the parking lot.BwBTC MN_20090815_046Our first bird here…Eastern Kingbird, Digiscoped by Jeff jeffs pics BwBTC mn_20090815_006Interesting bug…Soldier beetle..Thanks Hap.

Soldier beetles are highly desired by gardeners as biological control agents of a number of pest insects. The larvae tend to be dark brown or gray, slender and wormlike with a rippled appearance due to pronounced segmentation. They consume grasshopper eggs, aphids, caterpillars and other soft bodied insects, most of which are pests.BwBTC MN_20090815_051We walked past a small pond on our right and saw distant views of a large

Wood Duck gathering. jeffs pics BwBTC mn_20090815_008

Further walking and chatting to a small pond on the left.BwBTC MN_20090815_052Virginia and Lizette viewing otter, beaver? Richard and Lynne taking photos.BwBTC MN_20090815_068Beautiful thistle and Tiger swallowtail ButterflyBwBTC MN_20090815_059For this shot I tried getting the butterfly in focus as well as everyone on the dock.

Thanks Mike for the help..Now if I can remember how I did that.BwBTC MN_20090815_071 Birding again! Wood ducks, Green Heron,Hooded mergansers,Kingfishers.

BwBTC MN_20090815_072

I had a hard time capturing bird photos so I settled on things that wouldn't fly away

Sicksta..what is this here?BwBTC MN_20090815_073Jeff digiscoped this American goldfinch in the thistle.jeffs pics BwBTC mn_20090815_011 My photo of a Painted turtle BwBTC MN_20090815_079Jeff's digiscoped photo..doesn't he look regal?jeffs pics BwBTC mn_20090815_013More late summer flowers. BwBTC MN_20090815_083 The pond……BwBTC MN_20090815_082 A dragonfly casing..thanks Virginia for finding this ..very cool.BwBTC MN_20090815_076 Green tree frog..this poor thing has just one eye.BwBTC MN_20090815_084While sitting and chatting at the picnic table this butterfly captured my i had to go take a photo. BwBTC MN_20090815_093 Richard, Hap, Sharon parted from us after Hyland.

It was after this that we went to Merlins Rest to meet up with the Birds and Beers gang.

It was a bit disappointing, as there wasn't enough room for all of our gang and theirs to sit we didn't mingle much.

Roger joined our table for dinner and we all had more great conversation.

It was sad to say goodbye ..but I was happy that this group will continue to meet for more bird outings in MN.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I can't believe how many wood ducks there were! I spend half my life searching for them!
    P.S. i believe you had asked to link to one of my photos - be my guest! Thank you for thinking of me! I've been a bad blogger lately - hoping to get back in the groove this weekend.

  2. We miss you, but it is fun following your adventures!
    I believe the flower is Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

  3. I loved those turtles- so pretty. Do you mind if I send our group shot to Amy at WildBird?

  4. Shelley,
    I know exactly where u are coming from..I have blogged but find it hard to find time to read blogs and now I am way behind. I havent had internet access for quite a few days now..
    I see most of the bloggers going thru similar issues this summer.
    I am going to link to your blog my next weekly reader.

    I miss u too sicksta..thanks for the flower name..
    Pictures of Montana to come..

    Lynne ..
    Please send the photo..that would be great!

  5. Dawn your photos were wonderful... I love any kind of photo of natures... Birds, Flowers, insects or wildlife... it is all good. Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  6. A great gathering and the images are outstanding. I really like Jeff's turtle shot and that dragonfly casingt is awesome.

  7. Sounds like you all had such a good time Dawn!

  8. Hi Dawn – Looks like all had a great time birding with MN BwTBC. I love the wetlands and ponds you visited. Nice photos! Take care, Laura

  9. Looks like another fun time.

    Oh, do me a favor and try to comment again on my site. I think the problem was a hiccup in the anti-spam program.


  10. I grew up just east of that park. I remmember countless cross-country training runs on those trails and around the ponds. Thanks for the vicarious visit!

  11. Oh Dawn, the pics you and Jeff took turned out great.
    Great Black Wasp is your insect--I have them in my yard too and they're huge, but harmless--to humans anyway (as I found out at
    I can still see you sitting on that dock all crunched up to take the photo of the dragonfly exoskeleton.
    What a fun day we had!

  12. The pictures were great. You got the people and the butterfly very well and everything else. But...where is the food you ate. I don't get it.

  13. Hi Dawn and Jeff, it was a great
    pleasure to meet you folks. I
    enjoyed the whole day I was with
    everybody. Now I am enjoying it all
    over again thru your beautiful
    photos. I caught a typo though,
    they were Hooded, not Common
    Mergansers, but you knew that. I agree with RuthieJ, looks like a
    Great Black Wasp from Kaufman's
    Field Guide to Insects of NA. Also,
    my Northland Wild Flowers confirms
    the Blue Vervain :). I wish for
    you safe travels and look forward
    to more superb blogging!
    Hap in New Hope

  14. Thanks Guys and Gals for the kind comments.

    Ruthie..thanks for the ID on the Great Black Wasp

    Thanks for letting me know about putting common rather than hooded!
    It was so nice to meet you and I hope we meet again sometime.
    Please join our Birders who Blog, tweet and chip group..
    its open to everyone...thanks
    would love to have u as a member

  15. Nice batch of sucks-I really like the turtle photo-neat color and detail.-Too bad you couldn't all sit together but i like the small town look to the photo.

  16. Oh, I am so glad you got to meet Lynne. How I would have loved to have been there! Looks like good times all around. That turtle does look regal!


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