Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Morning Birding South Beach, Chatham

Howdee all,

Jeff and I managed to squeeze in a few hours of Early morning birding while here at the cape. We went to Lighthouse beach hung a left past the pond and went to the mudflats on the bay side.

Its been pretty foggy most mornings.

Birding chatham_20090804_007

And this morning was no exception..Black-backed Gulls in the fog at first pond.

Birding chatham_20090804_010

Noticed many small horseshow crabs in the mud flats..

I am curious as to why there were so many dead young horseshoe crabs.

Birding chatham_20090804_061 The fog starting to break.Birding chatham_20090804_011 Short-billed Dowitchers below…(I think)..still learning shorebirds..maybe forever learning shorebirds..Birding chatham_20090804_025

check out the video…to get a sense of what this area is like.

I loved how the little lines come out from the back of each bird..

The bird on the right is getting better reception…more bars! :)Birding chatham_20090804_029

Still beautiful despite the morning fog..this is the mud flat area we birded.

Birding chatham_20090804_018  A beautiful Green Bouquet ..I imagine this being used in a mermaid wedding.

Birding chatham_20090804_052Chatham light…… thru the mudflats and fog.

Birding chatham_20090804_041

Colorful Crab..a dinner for seabirds.

Birding chatham_20090804_033 Birding chatham_20090804_045

What we believe to be a White-winged Scoter in the bay area..Anyone care to confirm this?  If this is the scooter..why is it in the bay, just floating around?

This would be a life bird for Jeff and I. So a yea or neigh would be appreciated.jeffs pics birds_20090804_026

We were pleasantly surprised to see a pair of Horned larks frolicking about in the

seaweed.jeffs pics birds_20090804_030 It was a quick 2 and a half hours of birding…Short and Sweet!

Birds seen,

Osprey, Ringed-billed,Herring, Greater black-backed, and laughing Gulls.

Least and Common Terns, Black-bellied, piping ,semi-palmated Plovers,

Least, Semi-palmated, Pectoral, Sandpipers  Sanderlings, Short-billed Dowitchers, Ruddy turnstones, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, Horned lark,White winged scoter? Double-crested Cormorant, American Oystercatcher, Black skimmer, Willet, Barn swallow,Song sparrow.

We have left the cape and are now headed to Ct. for a few days before going west.

We are excited…but it is always bittersweet…having to leave our Wonderful Family behind.


  1. dawn - fantastic photos - i just love the gulls in the fog - super cool spot it seems.

    It sure looks like a young white winged scoter to me (i have never seen one so would rely on an expert)

  2. Hey Dawnie... Loved all the little birdie pictures... Great shots despite the fog... Have a fun day!


  3. Beautiful captures and scenery guys this is a great transision time!

  4. Nice pictures of birds and water and seaweed

  5. loved all your photos sicksta!

  6. Honest to pete, you crack me up Dawn! Better reception, more bars! I litterally was laughing out loud.

    I'm a little curious as to why the Horse Shoe crabs are dying also. That can't be normal.

    I'm sad to see you leave but I look forward to more posts from across the country! I wish you and Jeff safe travels.


  7. It sure looks like an immature WW Scoter, but then that's a species I don't have much experience with.

  8. Gorgeous foggy pictures Dawn - I like me some fog :) But it's sad about the horseshoe crabs... I would LOVE to see a horseshoe crab, such strange creatures.

  9. Happy trails!

    Chatham South Beach is another on my list places to visit!

  10. Yep - definitely an immature WWSC -good job!

  11. Thanks guys and gals! Glad you enjoyed the pics!
    And thank u all who verified the White winged scoter..a life bird for us! yippeee!


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