Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Badlands,Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Skywatch Friday

Howdee all,

On our journey west we stopped in the Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.TRoosv. NP_20090817_007

Beautiful Rock formations. TRoosv. NP_20090817_025

   Wild sage ..the smell is pungent and wonderfulTRoosv. NP_20090817_030

The skies were especially beautiful this day.TRoosv. NP_20090817_031

Big sky..awesome cloud formations.

The lovers. TRoosv. NP_20090817_034

Dancing cloudTRoosv. NP_20090817_035

Prairie dog habitatTRoosv. NP_20090817_039Cute little critters

TRoosv. NP_20090817_042 Home to Feral horses

TRoosv. NP_20090817_082

Aren't they beautiful? look at the different colorations.TRoosv. NP_20090817_082That's all for now..Hope you enjoyed the park.

We saw Golden Eagle, Lazuli buntings,,lark sparrows,Warbling and Red eyed vireos, Black and white warblers, Bluebirds and more.

We are in Montana..more to come.. TRoosv. NP_20090817_084 For more skies around the world check out…



  1. WOW! Great clouds and sky! Looks like you could see forever! Those horses = AWESOME! Great post!

  2. What a gorgeous area--love the wide open spaces!
    The prairie dogs are so cute and the wild horses are amazing.

    In response to the question you left on my blog, the answer is yes, you're welcome to use any of the photos you'd like.

  3. Love this area of the country and your photos are awesome once again Dawn... We spent a week there last fall and stayed in Medora... Loved it! It is one of our favorite places. Have Fun!!!

    Travel Safe

  4. North Dakota Badlands (TR NP) are among my favorite parks. I'd love to visit them again. You photos will be sending my to my 25 yr old photos, as soon as I get over the ache of stacking wood! Thanks.

  5. Wonderful tour of the Badlands. I remember that lovely pungent smell of the sage. Great captures as always. Safe journey.

  6. Great place and wonderful pics. Travel safe.

  7. Thanks for the tour and Full time Motorhoming good for you. I worked at an rv dealership for about 10 years and had the oppotunity to meet some great people. The badlands looks like a great place My wife and I hope to get there some day

  8. I love your journeys and all your wonderful pictures..sure looks like a beautiful area to visit...have fun!

  9. Awesome skies and awesome terrain. Love the prairie dog too!

  10. Gorgeous sky photos! The Badlands is a spot I have been wanting to visit.

  11. It's such a beautiful place Dawn. I love the wide open spaces, and the skies ... you don't get much bluer than that!

    Wonder what happened to the Prarie Dog? It looks like it has scars down it's chest.

  12. Did you stop at Wall Drug Store!

  13. Simply awesome!!!

    Once again, thanks for the ride. :)

  14. When I was in the Badlands it was 101 degrees....we went ona helicopter ride for an over view it was too hot to hike.
    You are in big sky country! Love the Wild Horses.....and the darling Prairie Dogs...
    Looking forward to your next stop.

  15. Oh I loved loved loved the park. So many beautiful things to feast your eyes on. Loved the clouds. Driving home last night there were some lovely ones and I looked for things in them and thought of you ha. Oh those lands aren't "bad" at all..

  16. What amazing scenery! I love the galloping horses - that is priceless! Beautiful clouds and blue sky!

    P.S. You are right about the birds. It took me several days to photograph them. They are so fleeting - they grab a berry and then they're gone! LOL

  17. These pictures so make me want to come visit here, lovely

  18. Hi Dawn...Don't worry about missing any of my posts..I am behind and I am reading more than commenting as the fingers aren't cooperating. The meetings you are having via the web site are amazing. What an opportunity for everyone and it looks like a really fun and educational time... Michelle

  19. Absolutly great captures here, love them all, but my fav. are the horses, simply stunning!!

    Have a nice SWF

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  21. Another awesome and amazing skies!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Hi Dawn, just found your site. It is AWESOME....We travel in a RV all summer and next year we'll be visiting the Badlands on our way to Alaska. I must sat you have some very beautiful photos of nature posted here. Thanks for sharing. I'm adding you to my followers list so I can keep up with your journey.

    Happy Trails,

  23. The horses are really pretty. The place itself is too good. Looking forward to seeing all those creatures you haven't posted here :)

    Stop Worrying!

  24. Great pictures Dawn, you have a wonderful eye to capture those sky scenes with the cloud formations ,then galloping horses and Prairie Dogs.
    Fantastic, looking forward to Montana, almost feel as though I am going with you.

  25. Nice clouds - I love clouds.

  26. Superb scenery Dawn. Thanks for leaving the recent comments on my blog - much appreciated.
    Enjoy your journeys. FAB

  27. Great scenery! I just clicked the Wild horses track from the stones to go along while reading your blog.

  28. Very beautiful landscapes, for the Badlands they look remarkably well. So good t see the horses running free and wild. Lovely post.

  29. Ooooh, everyone I know who's been there tells me how much I'd love it, and now that I've seen photos, I believe them!

  30. Oh thanks everyone! I loved all these comments..some of them cracked me up.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    we didnt stop at Wall drug..but we have done before

    Nice to meet you..I will follow your travels too.♥♥

    LOL..I know..I cant figure out why they call them bad♥♥

    Great song! glad u could play it while u were looking at the horses!

    Thanks all..really appreciate your comments..Come back again!


  31. Very cute little dogs and wild horses. I like the idea of the smell of wild sage as you walk around the valleys.

  32. I have been to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is an undiscovered treasure by most. Glad you found it and enjoyed it!

  33. Hope your hike was great and I can't wait for the next set of pictures. Looks like you are having a great time!
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