Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Howdee all,

Frog hanging out in my Sickstas small pond.

tammy and joes_20090808_008

I dont know frogstammy and joes_20090808_010But I googled CT frogs and think it might be a

Green Frog Correct me if I am wrong ,please..Sicksta?tammy and joes_20090808_011

This is my first Wordless Wednesday post.

Am I supposed to be quiet? Wordless? oops….

shhh..for more wordless or almost wordless…or some with words and some with no words..and well mostly pictures without words..unless well you are here and reading all these words..

Go here..and see more

Wordless Wednesday Posts

shhh..We are on the Road again..Westward HO!


  1. ha, leave it to you to put the words in wordless...ha
    Anyway, it sure does look like a green frog.
    Where are you now?

  2. That's a real Beauty!
    I love froggies too :)

  3. Could be a greenfrogwithstripedlegs. I don't know frogs either.

    I did a first WW too. (not a frog)

  4. It is green and it is a frog so that means it a green frog I suppose

  5. Very cool looking frog. Looks green to me.

    Where to next?

  6. Looking at the Toads & Frogs poster stuck up here in my office and it looks like the Green Frog too.

  7. Hello my little pet froggy!


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