Thursday, August 13, 2009

On The Road Again…Skywatch Friday

Howdee all,

We have been making pretty good time on our trip west.

We will reach MN today and I am excited about the BwBTC meets Birds and Beers Bird Outing this Saturday!

This is a view out my bedroom window…I sit here while my hubby, Jeff drives and drives and drives. I have the life of leisure, I can read, watch TV, surf the net and just plain chill. I watch the scenery pass out my window.

Lots of corn fields.on the road_20090812_001Here you get a better idea of where I am in the bedroom..TV, laptop.

Hey..notice the beautiful lotus flower on my desktop…Jeff Gordon kindly let me download it to use. I just love it! on the road_20090812_002 This photo below is taken somewhere around Chicago.on the road_20090812_003 We stopped overnight Outside of Chicago, Wal-Mart's parking lot.

We overlooked these cornfields. A bit too bright at night to see any shooting stars.:(

corn, walmart, hawk, IL_20090813_020

Red-tailed Hawk, hanging out around the cornfields

corn, walmart, hawk, IL_20090813_004And here we sit…Ready for another day of driving.

Well, not me, I will kick back, read, have a cuppa Joe and maybe read a blog or two.

corn, walmart, hawk, IL_20090813_022 And I most definitely will go check out some amazing skies from around the world.

On this Skywatch Friday.skywatch

If you are not a member of the Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp Website..Please Join..anyone is welcome. Its a great place to post your bird outings,meetings, Photos, share sightings, Video etc.


  1. Nice photos. Good idea.
    Thanks for letting me go along.

    Come visit 'Prairie Barrens' under a hot sky, Click here.
    Troy and Martha

  2. Great pictures. I love to travel but have never been in a motor home. I looks like a lot of fun.
    Thanks for sharing and have fun!

  3. I would love to drive cross country someday. Nice photos.

  4. great pics - I kinda envy y'all - bit of freedom ya got goin :)


  5. I have never been on a trip in a motor home. Looks like a lot fun and much cleaner then some hotels. Felt like I had been along with you.

  6. Nice photos. Love the last one and the one of the hawk.

  7. Lucky you! Beautiful scenery on your way out West, and it looks like nice weather, too.

  8. A lovely trip and lovely skies along the way!

  9. Love the photos but the HAWK is my favorite... You really take it easy on the road. I am always in the co-pilot seat... LOL LOL We boondock at Wally World sometimes too!
    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  10. I sure wish I could travel like that. We live in such a beautiful country and you're very fortunate to see it all. Thanks for taking us along!

    You don't ever drive Dawn? I used to drive my parents moterhome and my hubby was a passenger!


  11. Ha check out a blog or two. That is the biggest understatement I have heard in a long time. tee hee. Loved the lotus flower and it goes with your decor how lovely.

  12. Hi Dawn! Fun photos from your window. We can go motoring across the country vicariously through your photos/Blog. Happy trails! Laura

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  14. Thanks for letting us relax along with you...
    Looking forward to seeing the group. You have the best of all the worlds....

  15. Ah, when on the road the sky changes so rapidly. And you really have it made with Jeff doing all the driving.

  16. Well, you certainly do get to see skies from all around the country, don't you! I hope you have fun this Saturday. Say "hi" to Lynne for me! I hope to join your little group if I ever get a chance to breathe around here! Thanks for all your concern about Blossom. She is doing much better. I've finally posted an update about her.

  17. I love the way you live Dawn. I should have married a gypsy :-)

  18. Corn is definitely king in this neck of the woods!

  19. We just got home from a road trip of our own. They are so much fun. I invite you to come see my "coming home" sunset. - Margy

  20. Wow! It reminds me of couple of years traveling. What is like to over night at Wal-mart? Travel on and blog on.

  21. Dawn, you are such a princess, like me, but I always stay in the co pilet seat. I have to navigate.

  22. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

  23. What a wonderful trip you are having, being lady of leisure with your personal chauffeur! Nice shots out your windows.

  24. Good travels - and safe travels. Looking forward to views from new places and new people.

  25. Well heck Dawn, I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat! Loved seeing your room and the photos out the window. I need to find time to catch up more here.

  26. Howdee Friends,
    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my Traveling skywatch.

    nope i never ever drive..I had to get special license and take driving test etc. but I really dont like to drive it, I can take over if need be.. Good for u for driving..I am always impressed when I see woman RV drivers!

    We hired Ms. GPS to navigate so I could relax and stop backseat driving.:)

    Overnight at Walmart is bright so I use eye covers. Sometimes a little noisy ..but fine for overnight.

    I know what u mean..I am way behind in my blog reading..oh well..that happens..and better to be outside.

    Thanks again everyone!
    See u again!

  27. I really think I am envious of that rv life and all those changing scenes in front of your window!! We are talking and talking about exploring this rv thing..even if we just rent one for a few to see if we like it!
    Nice pics!!

  28. Tina,
    oh do it! You would love it. We just made the jump and did it without knowing how we would like it.
    I think renting is a good idea if you are not sure.
    Let me know what u do.

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