Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another Morning Walk in Chatham

Howdee all,

For three days in a row we saw this fella in the same neighborhood.

Resident turkey.chatham 3_20090801_003

  Do you have a resident turkey? This guy must be fed by the locals.

I will ask around next time we walk.

chatham 3_20090801_010

This is yesterdays walk…today we not walking..but getting ready to go to the big

Wellfleet Flea Market.

Below is the Golf Course at Chatham Bars Inn.chatham 3_20090801_023

A fun..planted mailboxchatham 3_20090801_026

  Pink and purple blue here.

chatham 3_20090801_030

This is the same beach I took yesterdays cool cloud formation.

Samarrah and Margie.chatham 3_20090801_033Path of Hydrangeas.    chatham 3_20090801_038Every morning at Lighthouse beach..Yoga! chatham 3_20090801_045Here's the Chatham Lighthouse.chatham 3_20090801_044 A boat that floats on sea grass.Chatham 2_20090731_003  Chatham ..Boats, lichen..Chatham 2_20090731_009   Due to Family Vacation here in Chatham..

this weeks Dawns Blogaholic Weekly Reader is Cancelled..

I have had no time to read My fav. stay tuned for next weekly reader!

blogaholic At the Beach photos with the Smoots..this is for you Sicksta..

more photos to come.


  1. The pictures are great, looks like you are having fun. Now the yoga on the beach looks terribly interesting!

  2. Dawn these are really nice shots. We have run in to some wild turkys while out working. LOL they were a lot bigger then this poor little guy though.

  3. ...loved the resident turkey! Yoga on the beach...that would be nice!

  4. For a turkey, he's quite a handsome fellow. The scenery around Chatham is absolutely beautiful! What a grand place!

  5. Nice scenery Dawn.-Makes me want to be on vacation.

    "Do you have a resident turkey?"
    I better not answer that question.

    Nice photos of the Turkey.He better keep a low profile in November.

  6. Why are all the bloggers I read talking about the shore - I have got to get there - shorebirds might not make it if I don't monitor them!! ;)

  7. Beautiful photos Dawn! It would be nice to be down there. Will have to wait until Christmas.

    Love the Turkey pic.

  8. Love the pictures.. Yoga on the beach looks fun..

  9. I hope that turkey doesn't disappear around November 24. Thanks for the people photos.

  10. Wow Dawn, I just loved all your photos today... Great shots and Mr. Turkey... How cool is he? Have fun and enjoy your vacation...


  11. That looks like a great place to stay. That turkey does look well fed!

  12. Thanks guys and gals! Thanks for coming to visit..Never found out if this was a resident turkey or not. But it seemed pretty tame and well fed.

    ok..i have been saying this allot lately..but I am so behind in blog reading..Hope to visit u all soon!

  13. Wow! Looks like a beautiful place. That turkey is not starving :)


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