Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mall of can do it all in the mall!

Howdee all.

We arrived in Minneapolis a day early and took the extremely hot day to be a tourist and go to the Mall of America. I took my new Panasonic Lumix with me.

in homey_20090814_007

As you all know..the Mall of America is huge!

Did you know they have a wedding chapel?

Your entire wedding and reception could be in the Mall.

You could buy your wedding attire in the mall.

Your guests can shop with you and you could personally pick out your gifts.

You then get married in the Chapel, wedding reception in any of the many restaurants.

Honeymoon, at the Amusement park, go to one of the plays or shows and catch a movie.

After that you spend the night in the Aquarium …just bring your sleeping bags and tooth brushes..or better them in the mall.

I wonder how many couples do this?

mall of america_20090814_003

Four Levels, We saw a group from Branson  perform on the stage below.mall of america_20090814_008

This is what I was trying to do after five plus miles of walking in the planter facitus started to act up.mall of america_20090814_007

We didn't go on any of the rides, but had fun watching people.mall of america_20090814_011

mall of america_20090814_018Straight down…mall of america_20090814_015Walking up high on ropes and rungs…You are tied into a harness.mall of america_20090814_017Side ways and upside down..Yuck!mall of america_20090814_021A twirling blur This ride has swings that you sit in.mall of america_20090814_022This is the same ride but you can see the people..blurred near the theatre sign.

mall of america_20090814_023    We didn't go into many stores…just wanted to get a flavor of what the mall was about. It wasn't my cup of tea..and as I spoke to the locals they all say it is a tourist trap and not a place most locals go.

I did find this cute bird bath…what's better than birds and mushrooms?

It was half price..but I didn't buy it.

mall of america_20090814_002I will post about the great BwBTC outing we had on Saturday,tomorrow..

so Stay tuned!


  1. I went to the West Edmonton Mall (the Mall of Canada?) several times when my parents lived in Calgary. My mom and I could spend an entire day there, just wandering around and looking at stuff. (Porpoises!) I never rode any of the amusement park rides, but I did spend a couple of hours in the water park one year.

  2. I've only been to the MOA a handful of times and it was only when bringing visitors there! It's really not my knid of place either.
    I hope your foot is feeling better and that your travels today went better than our convoy from Hyland Lake to Merlin's Nest! I was asleep sitting in a chair within an hour of getting home last night.

  3. cool place. I am sure it would be too overwhelming for me.

  4. Earl Cootie..
    Hey u have been on a nice blogger vacation! I think I am gonna take one of those..
    Never been to that mall u speak of..maybe someday..anyhoo..nice to see ya!Well not really see ya..but u know what I mean..cyber see.

    Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Hee sure was crazy getting to Merlins..lots of construction.
    I was also exhausted! I went right to TV nuttin.
    I hit the bed and was out like a light.

    beachgrl Hey sicksta..Yeah huge..we just walked by most of the stores..crazy, big.

  5. OMG, you couldn't get me near a mall that big. I'm glad I could see it this way without the crowds. Yet the climbing while harnessed thing looks like fun.

  6. My niece's 13th birthday present was a trip to the Mall of America (she likes to shop). They flew up from Cincy, did the mall and a fort...and some other things, and had a blast. Your photos are amazingly a lot like hers! ;-)

  7. well the swings looked like crazy fun. I wouldn't mind be a twirling blur. ha

  8. I must admit I was not so impressed with MOA. Except for the indoor parks, when you walk the wings you feel like you are in any mall around.

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  10. Took a twisted mind to come up with that concept, didn't it! Did it cause Jeff to hyperventilate? My husband's worst nightmare!

  11. That mushroom birdbath is so you. To bad you don't have a corner for it. You could have bought it and put it out at every site for the birdies :)

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