Monday, August 31, 2009

Drive Home West Boulder hike ..more pics

Howdee all,

This is a continuation of the photos taken on the drive back from West boulder hike a week ago. I still haven't posted photos from the hike…might do that another time.

This was when four of us shared my camera and shot away.

It was dusk and the lighting was very cool

Hike west boulder_20090822_212The sky was full of interesting clouds and color

Hike west boulder_20090822_216

The Photos took on a painting effect because of the lighting.

The west side of the road was darker because of the setting sun.Hike west boulder_20090822_221   The east was a bit more lit up.Hike west boulder_20090822_222Grass, Clouds..layers of landHike west boulder_20090822_220 I think I took this one…I have a thing for clouds..

Hike west boulder_20090822_229

Everywhere we turned a beautiful sceneHike west boulder_20090822_230And another photo op. Hike west boulder_20090822_239 Rainbow colors shine into the mountain and out..Hike west boulder_20090822_235 And the setting sun lights up the clouds

Hike west boulder_20090822_237

I Have more photos to share from this drive, next post.

I am going to auto post…a few posts…I will not have internet for the next week.

Going to Yellowstone National Park.

I will miss all my cyber pals. Twitter, blogger, facebook friends.

and will miss chatting with my Mother and Sickstas.

But adventure awaits!

See you soon!


  1. Oh my... they DO look like paitings Dawn! I could just sit here all day and soak in the beauty.

  2. These photos are all gorgeous, no matter who took them.

    Have fun in Yellowstone.

    You will be missed.

  3. Wonderful shots Dawn! That first one takes my breath away! PERFECT!

  4. I'm finally getting caught on blog following. Wonderful photos from your hikes. Especially like some of the sky pictures. And it makes me want to get "out west." Thanks

  5. Good Morning Dawn... I loved your pictures today. The first one looks like a postcard... What kind of camera do you use? Have fun in Yellowstone and take lots of great pictures... We love that park too! See you when you get back on!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

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  7. What a photographer's paradise!!! And you certainly took advantage of it. Each one is just gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous shots..every single one of them..
    hope you have a great time at Yellowstone Nat'l Park!

    Can't wait to see what you find with your lens while you are away!!

  9. All the pictures were gorgeous though the one with the pink spot in the sky competing with the mountain top is my absolute favorite. Have fun Noblin. Take many long hikes. I hope you tootsies hold out. We will be here when you get back to see what fun you had.

  10. Thanks everyone for the nice comments..
    It was fun sharing the camera and taking lots of shots..everywhere we turned there was a photo all around!

    Darn I miss you guys! I have allot of catching up to do..missed about three weeks of blogs etc..on and off..never a good connection..
    Now we are in Oregon..
    hope to catch up real soon!!!!!!!!


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