Saturday, August 08, 2009

Face Plates

Howdee all,

Every year when vacationing with the family in Chatham we have the Finished plate challenge…how creative can you be with your leftover food!

Sometimes that's quite a challenge because the food is so good I want to finish every last bite!  I think some of us strategically didn't eat some of our food as to make our plates more interesting.

The wait staff at the restaurant found this quite amusing and they all declared a winner of our Face plate contest. Which I will reveal later.

So if you will please humor us all….please vote for one of these plates…you may vote for more ..just number them according to which ones you like.

I will post the winners name after the contest ends.


May the best Plate win!


Number 1.

I believe this plate uses leftover skin from a sea bass. This person also has two entries.

cape cod_20090804_025Plate number 2.

humm they didn't finish their veggies..should they get desert? cape cod_20090804_026 Plate number 3.

This person going for low carb diet..not finishing their rice.cape cod_20090804_027 Number  4.

This person eats small meals..thus, the leftover ravioli, which they decorated.

The ravioli was doggie bagged but left in car overnight..too bad..

cape cod_20090804_028 number 5.

Some brothy seafood dish…cape cod_20090804_029 number 6

This is the second entry for the first poster…use of fish skin and borrowed shells.

cape cod_20090804_031 Number 7

This person decorated their plate before they finished..I know..I saw them eat those shrimp and wipe their plate clean!cape cod_20090804_032 Number 8.

a simple number ..playing up the veggies!cape cod_20090804_035 Number 9.

Someone didn't eat their salad! cape cod_20090804_014Number 10..

Oh oh…just noticed this is the 3rd entry from same person! cape cod_20090804_019 Number 13.

I believe this is second entry for the shrimp eating person. cape cod_20090804_022

Number 14.

You will never be strong like Popeye if you don't eat your spinach!cape cod_20090804_023 and

last but not least

Number 15.

second entry by above non spinach eater..this person says this version has

a Jewish nose.

cape cod_20090804_018

The Artists!


  1. This has got to be THE most hilarious post I have read in a dog's age. How did you all come up with this?

  2. guys are not are FUN, however! Such a creative bunch... I'm going going with Scary Skull (#1) and Snow Peapod Head (#14).

  3. Lol..funny post..I like them all but partial to that chicken nose..#15!!

  4. Haha these are really cool...but #15 is just fantastic.

  5. @Bevson
    Well..I guess we all like to play with our food! and ended up making something in our play. Dont really know who started it. My husband did start the napkin folding competition..which for some reason we didnt do this year..Will bring it back next year!
    Hey come back here and vote! Young nephews are waiting!

    We are sooo not right..LOL and we love it. thanks for voting!

    Hee hee..glad u like them! Thanks for voting!

  6. Me thinks there is far too much food left over. And, my vote goes to number two. It is neater and not so yucky!

  7. very funny - I go with #1

    although i have to admit i dont usually have anything left on my plate :)


  8. ok I am adding these votes from my Twitter friends.

    @gemswinc @DawnFine After serious deliberation, plate #5. You & your family are a trip..luv it!

    @mfulton @DawnFine I vote for Face Plates 2 & 13. Fun!!!

  9. I will vote for #9 as I can understand someone not finishing their snow peas. We were taught to clean our plates and not to play with our food :-(
    so sad...

  10. oops! that should be #8...I was thinking the numbers were below the picture.

  11. I really liked no. 1. There was something sooo sick about that one but I am not sure what. I liked the last two the best. The deep green really tied it all together. My ultimate favorite being 14. While I liked the grotesque nose no. 14 has a better flow.

  12. Hey Dawn... I loved this post! What fun making face plates with leftovers... I vote for #15... The nose got me laughing so hard. LOL LOL


  13. I love your crazy family and will start making face plates as I always seem to have left overs. Of course I believe in dessert first, because I can. My vote #2 for it's fun and whimsy. All are funny.

  14. I tried to figure out which one I thought should win, but my mind kept wanting to eat those snap peas...ha, how could anyone not finish those!

  15. I always look forward to your face plates. They are ALL so creative but I picked three of my favorites.. 5, 13 and 14.. I also thought 14 reminded me of Jeffy.. hee hee

  16. You and your family are fun loving folks!
    I shall randomly choose number 6!
    Only because I am laughing so hard at all of these. I bet the wait staff talk about you and your family all year! You must be their favorite customers.

  17. Very creative but I'll vote for #14

  18. Oh gosh--I can hear my mom yelling at me now about playing with food. These are so funny. I like #14 the best.

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  20. Very amusing and creative! I like #13 best!

    On anotehr topic - wanted to let you know that Lisa and I *finally* got the BWBTC logo on our blogsite. Many thanks for the help. And good birding!


  21. I like #5...the mussel ears are great

  22. Hilarious fun Dawn! I like #5 the best. I think it reminds me of one of my relatives ;-)

  23. It isn't just your sickstas that are crazy! I LOVE this!

    I'm voting for the one that looks like it would gag me if I had to clear it--#1.

    Talk about playing with your food!

  24. It isn't just your sickstas that are crazy! I LOVE this!

    I'm voting for the one that looks like it would gag me if I had to clear it--#1.

    Talk about playing with your food!

  25. That is funny! I like plate 14 best.


ok what do you really think?????