Thursday, August 06, 2009

San Rafael Grasslands, Arizona.. Skywatch Friday

Howdee all,

This Skywatch Posts comes from my Archives..two years ago.before I was doing Skywatch posts.

One of my favorite places to watch the sun setting.

Large open expanse.

grasslandsnite (24)We are headed west soon..and plan on being in Arizona for part of the winter.grasslandsnite (36) We will stay in Patagonia, very close to these grasslands

grasslandsnite (41) I cant wait!

Click on the video below to watch and listen!

You wont be disappointed..I promise!

For more amazing skies from around the world.

click on the photo below.( I will link to skywatch at 230 today)

skywatch I am now back from a Family vacation..way behind on reading blogs, twitter and facebook. but will begin to catch up …hope to visit your blog soon!


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  1. Dawn, these colours are just breathtaking! And the grasslands are magnificent. I love the second picture especially - really gets across the sense of scale. You know, when I think of America this is the kind of thing I see in my minds eye.

  2. Very beautiful, Dawn. Fantastic colors.

  3. Yes this is very beautiful place. but when i visited china i enjoyed my journey on many places without worry
    because i hired china car service with professional driver.

  4. Oustanding pictures. The colors are breath taking.

  5. You sure found the perfect place to enjoy sunsets. Breathtaking video, I love it when the grass is golden.

  6. Its the third time I've come here to look at these photos today. They are hauntingly beautiful.

  7. Beatiful landscapes Dawn. I really love the warm colours.

  8. Very beautiful shots. Trust your trip West be an enjoyable, safe one. Be careful.

  9. Your movie was indeed worth while. Looks like you've got a great crew to hang with... I'm jealous of course. Keep livin' the life!!

  10. Beautiful photos, what amazing colors!

  11. I echo everyone else when I say the colors are exquisite! Beautiful, Beautiful photography!!

  12. Wow..these photos are just stunning! My two sons lived in Arizona for about seven years before moving back to the Islands. I was able to visit and what a beautiful place. I'm from Calif. but have spent over half my life on the Big Island now. I watched the whole video and ya,I wasn't disappointed! Your blog is beautiful and I'm glad you can do what your doing- my best to you-

  13. Oh my! That sky is simply stunning Dawn!

  14. oh my word - you captured that sunset so wonderfully, just wow


  15. What can I say? there are not enough superlatives in my vocabulary.

  16. Gorgeous colors! I loved the video watching the sky change. The warm colors of the sky and the long grass reflecting the colors was great.

  17. Awesome! Makes me want to head west, if only I had the means.

  18. Beautiful pics. We are also going to spend some winter time in AZ. Not sure where yet.

  19. Beautiful is right!
    Thanks for the video and the side show.
    Wonderful sunset.

  20. wow, love these photos and also the frog above.

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