Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drive home from West Boulder meadows hike

Howdee all,

Last Saturday we hiked West Boulder meadows. I still have not selected all the photos from the hike.

Here are some photos from the drive back home.

A beautiful site around every corner.

Hike west boulder_20090822_176 Tom and Charlenes cameras battery died.

Hike west boulder_20090822_177

   Everyone wanted to take photos.Hike west boulder_20090822_182So we all took turns with my camera.Hike west boulder_20090822_187I dont know who took what photo. Hike west boulder_20090822_188It really doesn't matter….they were all nice.

I have more I will share later..and maybe the hike.

Hike west boulder_20090822_205

Today we are off to hike Pine Creek Lake…a hike we did a few years back. Charlene and I never made it to the end…another twenty minutes..we were exhausted, Jeff and Tom said it was amazing.

So a few years older and sore calve muscles..I am hoping I can do it.

Give me a push will you!

Wish me luck.


  1. What a lovely series of photographs! Such a gorgeous place. Don't ever let them make fun of you for stopping. Just tell them you want to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you. If that doesn't work, remind them the journey itself is the destination. It's all about fun, and hiking beyond exhaustion is not fun.

  2. Dawn, thanks for providing a year's worth of desktop backgrounds. What absolutely wonderful pix!

    Dave Keyes (from Penelopedia)

  3. FABulous scenery Dawn. Don't wear yourself out, just enjoy. FAB

  4. I honestly love this website. Your posts help to remind me.. Keep up the great work and please visit by my health blog sometime. I would appreciate it!

  5. Such gorgeous photos - whoever took them! And oh - that double rainbow!

  6. Hey Dawn those pictures were beautiful... and I would love to be there hiking with you through those beautiful meadows and mountains... Have Fun and I am pushing you through the next hike☺

    Travel Safe

  7. Whew..what beautiful shots everyone took!! Those are some amazing nice you are able to wisp thru the states and see all these shots of the good ole USA!
    Sounds like you are heading out for a good hike..stock up on those k2 protein drinks and keep that Vit C handy for sore legs..helps to negate the build up of lactic acid in your muscles..which I learned when I took karate wayyyyyy back. Have a good hike and hope you get to the end!!

  8. oh the that new camera.

  9. Montana looks amazing. Will see next summer.

  10. Those photos are simply stunning. And everything's so green! Are they not having the drought over there that we've had all summer? Hmmm, maybe I should rethink my October vacation and head to Montana.

  11. Wow, if the drive was that gorgeous the hike must have been really amazing. Love the double rainbow.
    Good luck on this next hike, I'm pushing if somebody else is pulling. Does seem like you're training for a rim to rim here at the canyon.

  12. Holy moly.......I LOVE that land....(remind me why I live in the suburbs?) Have been catching up...the previous posts are gorgeous...I love the wildflowers...the rocks...everything!

  13. What absolutely gorgeous scenery... I could just inhale it in!!

  14. Great photos Dawn! So peaceful...

  15. Dawn, wonderful pictures, you seem to really capture the colors so wonderfully


  16. Fantastic landscapes Dawn! The double rainbow is my favorite.

  17. Howdee all,
    Here I am after a long long time without internet..and wow what a chore it is to catch up!...missed you all! I hope to respond to all your comments then go over and visit you all ...where are you and what have you all been up too???????

    Thanks...yeah..we stop allot..and take lots of photos and just sit and absorb all the beauty..
    You are so right..on what is important!

    Dave Keyes (from Penelopedia)
    I am happy to provide u with lots of desktop images! That makes me happy!

    The Early Birder
    Thanks! not worn out..not yet anyway.

    Thanks..I will make sure to check out your health blog.

    Thanks bobbie..will need to check out your blog soon..looking forward to your shadow shots and mellow yellow.

    hee hee..thanks so much for the push..i needed that on my hike!
    I need to head over to your blog and see what u have been up too..
    will do that real soon..
    take care!

    Howdee Tina..
    thanks for your advise! I took it and made sure I had vit C on my hike..I used the packet that dissolves in water.

    Thanks is a great little camera!

    it is amazing..if you need some ideas for next summer just give me a holler!

    Earl Cootie
    howdee...yeah maybe u should rethink your october vacation..but where were u planning to go?
    I must come over and visit your blog to see what u have been up too..any adventures?

    Howdee..Thanks for the push..I need every push that I can get when hiking uphill.
    I think i must be training for the grand canyon...

    Thanks Kelly! It is a beautiful in Montana..we are in oregon now..I have internet ..yipee...will catch up with your blog very soon!

    Thanks ..Hope you took one big deep breath!

    Thanks Alan..peaceful it was!

    Thanks...i did use vivid setting on my seemed to capture what we were seeing better than the normal setting.

    Thanks John, and it wasnt our last double rainbow of the trip either..
    so cool to see them!

    thanks gain all! Hope to visit your blogs very soon..


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