Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starbucks Grape Jelly Palooza

Howdee all,

The Orioles have been eating the Grape jelly like crazy.  Mom filled up the 2 Starbucks cups three times today!  The adults feed the fledglings and now some of the fledglings are eating on their own.  Mom says that last year, when the fledglings were old enough to take care of themselves..they all stopped eating the jelly and left.

Five at the at the feeder.


Jelly Billy…

birds at feeder_20090623_013

  its is a Grape jelly Palooza!birds at feeder_20090624_029

Jelly filled bills

birds at feeder_20090624_040

Oh Catbirds love grape Jelly too.birds at feeder_20090624_041Looks yummy…birds at feeder_20090624_049But its getting kinda low….have to put my face way into the cup.birds at feeder_20090624_050They all want the  

orioles_20090625_029Jellyorioles_20090625_016   gobs of it!

birds at feeder_20090624_034


  1. Wow that is sooo cool. I have Orioles here but not as many as chickapoo and pops. I have more woods behind my house so I can't figure out why? Do you think they are getting more of their own stuff? I have had Orioles nesting in our tree the past two years though..

  2. Great photo's. What beautiful birds! Keep em coming.

  3. Oh, I do wish we had the orioles down here! I love seeing them at feeders. Great shots Dawn!

  4. How fun is that?? I wouldn't get anything done for watching those birdies! Will they only eat Welch's or do they like Dollar Store grape jelly just as well?

  5. Wow! I'm with Ruthie, I'd sit at the window all day and never get anything done. What a sight!

  6. I cannot wait to get back to see your new posts! Have gone down page quickly... (eyes wide opened!) How gorgeous!! Will be back soon to savor every bit of it!

  7. No one can say all those Orioles aren't 'ready for all this jelly!' LOL!

    Good thing Grape Jelly is the cheapest jelly or your parents would be in the poor farm supporting their bad habit ; )


  8. Great photos! I like the one of the bird in flight with others still at the feeders. Neat.

  9. Oh my..I am lucky if I see one oriole at my jelly feeder and you have so

  10. cool pictures. Loved the one in flight very cool.

  11. Oh so jealous! We have that exact same jelly feeder and put grape jelly and oranges on it - NO orioles. Must keep trying.

    Way to go... and great pics.

  12. That's it dawn! I am throwing away the oranges and putting out 20 jars of grape jelly! Those darn Orioles have been teasing me at the log cabin but won't come close enough for a photo! (Love yours by the way!)

  13. How cool!!!! Man.....I have to agree with Shelley. I'm dumping the oranges and the special orange nectar oriole feeder and switching over to your mom's Jelly Palooza method. Wonderful photos...

  14. I love the grape jelly idea!! Gorgeous photos of the birds!

  15. I had to come back to these. Those orioles are beautiful! Unbelievable shots you've got! I adore Baltimore Orioles (my mom just LOVED them, as do all of us) and if your mom and dad's go through that grape jelly like they went through our marshmallows... lol - that's a lot of JELLY! I have to try this jelly in the cups when they get here. We use grape jelly on toast (and the marshmallows stuck all in the trees) and I always love seeing them take such wonderful positions. Great post!

  16. Dawn,
    What great shots you got of your Mom's orioles!! Wow, I was so excited to see one..and she has how many visit per day?? Jeeze I'm just a little jealous!! tee he.
    I love the starbucks cups!!
    Wonderful capture of some very nice birds!!

  17. Didn't know birds liked jelly!

  18. That jelly trick is new to me too! We don't get orioles here - or much of anything colorful for that matter - but I'll have to add a jelly feeder to my wish list. Beautiful photos.

  19. Tink
    Hi sicksta...who knows why they are getting them and you dont. I know that they are probably the only ones faithful enough around here in feeding the might have competition.
    time to up the anty...go out and buy some red wine..LOL

    thanks Bob!

    Thanks Jayne..You can enjoy ours..:)

    RuthieJ mom buys whatever is cheap at Job lot. I guess the orioles dont mind..last she bought was welches.

    yeah is hard to get work done when all the action is happening..its allot of fun to watch the fledglings being fed..big birds already!

    Awe thanks..hope u enjoyed!\

    A New England Life
    yeah..I bet they spend allot on thier soon as the orioles are gone they will take a break on feeding..the house sparrows will take over if they dont!

    hee hee..yes they are!

    Yea..i am getting a little better capturing flight! must be my new camera :)

    Rambling Woods
    yeah ..its super crazy here!

    Thanks sicksta!

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Bummer..I wonder why no luck?? Is warren sneaking the jelly and oranges for his mid day snack?

    Oh..tell me if u get the Orioles with the Jelly!

    hee hee..go for it..hope the Orioles do too! :)

    Thanks April!

    I tried the marshmallows and they didnt work here...humm..must be a southern oriole know the south puts marshmallows on everything! :)

    Thanks..yeah her glass cups broke..and the starbuck samplers fit perfectly!

    Yeah and peanut butter too!!

    Earl Cootie best go out and buy that feeder now..20 dollars off on the link i posted below!

    Thanks again everyone for your kind i am going off to look at some orange birds!
    tee hee :)

  20. That's hilarious! Are other birds attracted to grape jelly? Maybe I should try to put some out around here (but I'm afraid that the only thing I would attract is ants).

  21. What the heck! Red wine? I don't want those birdies flying into trees.. LOL

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