Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sanibel~Always something new~

Howdee all,

A few days ago Jeff and I woke up bright and early and headed for the beach.

We again, went to the beach near the lighthouse, a favorite shelling spot of ours.


morning sanibel_008

The sun was just starting to show itself.

morning sanibel_013

Willets were already prancing around at the waters edge.

morning sanibel_019

I was here to collect shells…

But, I found myself fascinated by the beach scenes…and all the amazing things on the sand..

morning sanibel_020

It was a delightful morning.

morning sanibel_024

Shell seekers out in the low tide..

Birds fly over head.

morning sanibel_027

Sanderlings feed near the waters edge..

I notice the Pen shell being lit up by the rising sun.

morning sanibel_029

So I go crazy taking photos of them..

Hope you like Pen shells :)

morning sanibel_033

A Sea anemone..glowing in the morning light.

morning sanibel_035

It closes…

morning sanibel_038

More …lighted Pen shells

morning sanibel_040

They all catch the sun a bit differently

morning sanibel_047They are glowing!

morning sanibel_049Wow!

This mini light show went on a bit longer until the sun was higher in the sky.

morning sanibel_052

There were areas with many of these white shells.

I haven't been able to ID these yet.

morning sanibel_055

I came across this crab claw.

morning sanibel_069

The colors were stunning!

morning sanibel_070


morning sanibel_076


morning sanibel_078

Anyone want to ID this feather?

morning sanibel_079

Ripples in sand

morning sanibel_085

I love seeing the beach like this..

I know some prefer pure white sand without all this stuff…

morning sanibel_088

I heart natural beach debris…

morning sanibel_091

morning sanibel_092

And things like this..

Does anyone know what critter made this?

morning sanibel_097Oh look..I found some birds..

morning sanibel_102Black Skimmers, Royal, Forster’s and Sandwich Tern

morning sanibel_103Snowy Plover

morning sanibel_104

morning sanibel_105

Peeps~We saw Dunlin, Western Sandpiper, Sanderling, two Red knot. Black bellied Plover and Rudy turnstone

morning sanibel_108Peeps and Peeple..

morning sanibel_113Peeps and their reflections..

morning sanibel_116morning sanibel_115

I love seeing all these peeps

morning sanibel_117

Its also nice to see people walking around the birds rather than straight thru them like many beach walkers do.

morning sanibel_119


morning sanibel_121

Another Fine morning in Sanibel

morning sanibel_126


  1. Dawn, what amazingly beautiful photos. I had no idea that sea anemones (or shells, actually) could be so gorgeous. I've got to become more observant, because I'm obviously missing a lot!

  2. Those mounds are probably from some type of sea worm like in this video............

  3. They are called worm casts and probably from a lugworm.ssighdr nankin

  4. What a glorious beach walk. Feel like I was there. So many shells and "peeps" but not really too many people. That's the way I'd like it.

  5. Beautiful beach photos Dawn!!!
    LOVED them!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Ah, thanks for the morning at the beach..Love the white (clam?) shells all opened & the last shot too..Sweet!

  7. Lovely photos Dawn, looks like a truly gorgeous spot.

  8. Wonderful collection of photos. The beach and the sunrise look beautiful. I love all the birdies too. A wonderful spot to collect shells. Great post, Dawn!

  9. O how I would love to be there!!

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments..Wish you could all be here!
    Put it on your list of places to visit.
    When you do make sure you stay on the island and splurge~get a room on the beach!

    Special thanks to Sicksta Lori for the ID of the worm mound..I never did see a worm but saw lots of casings from them.


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