Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunset walk~singing the Camera Blues

Howdee all,

While on Sanibel

Jeff and I took an evening walk on Bowman's beach

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_002

Many of the beach goers were leaving

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_004

We arrived..to catch what was left of the sunset..

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_009

Looking south along the beach..

Check these photos..do you see a few things that don’t belong?

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_010

Looking away from the Guff toward ..more people leaving the beach..

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_012

Jeff checks to see what birds are about…

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_044

And we watch the sunset..

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_014With others still on the beach

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_016Photographers, shell seekers and fishermen

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_017

All enjoying the sunset..

Do you see the two things that don’t belong in these photos?

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_019

Look in the sky~two grayish

Artifacts..from my camera..

I am singing the Spots in Camera Blues

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_020This is the fourth time I will be sending my Panasonic camera back for service..

The third time for artifacts…


Sunset walk Bowmans beach_022

some of the photos here you don’t notice the artifacts..

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_034In the meantime..I will use my larger point and shoot camera..

Its bigger and bulky and doesn’t fit in my pocket pouch…

I will miss my little Panasonic

Sunset walk Bowmans beach_040

Jeff and I are now in North Fort Meyers..here for a few days before heading back to Titusville where Homey will have re-repairs.

Yep..when they first worked Homey they scratched the paint in many places..We are going back for paint and also for the Starter that was installed to be replaced.


The silver lining in this whole thing is that we will be Birding Merritt Island NWR again


  1. I think I really love Sanibel. What a gorgeous set of sunset pictures...:)

  2. Beautiful photos..... Love them!!!
    Hope you get Homey all fixed up!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Fantastic pics again Dawn, just love the sunsets, sorry to hear about the RV, but hay Merritt Island. See you are doing it again, bringing back the memeories. Hope all goes well, have a safe journey, All the best Gordon.

  4. I don't see the "artifacts" just gorgeous beach and sunset shots. Bummer about re-repairs. Hope that works out.

  5. HI Dawn, what a lovely evening at the beach. The sunset looks gorgeous. I wonder why more people do not stay to watch the show. Sorry about the spots and camera. I hope your homey repairs are all done and you are ready to roll.

  6. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you all visit Sanibel if you haven't yet. It is a lovely place.


    Happy to bring back memories for you! By the way..you have a very nice blog.

  7. I fell in love with the place seeing the rich flora and fauna.


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