Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fort De Soto, Florida~Fisherman and birds

Howdee all,

Where you see fisherman here in Fort Desoto

Ft Desoto Canon_230

You almost always see birds

Ft Desoto Canon_229

Looking for a hand out..

Ft Desoto Canon_261

Brown Pelican

Ft Desoto Canon_241

I was able to get fairly close to take photos..

I never realized there were so many colors in the Great Blue.

Great blue heron

Ft Desoto Canon_235

Great Egret

Ft Desoto Canon_243

Close-up shot of the eye and bill~something I cant often capture with my point and shoot cameras.

Ft Desoto Canon_245


Ft Desoto Canon_249

Jeff and I hung out here a bit watching the fisherman and the birds..

Ft Desoto Canon_257

Then continued on around the peninsula in search of the

Marbled Godwit.

Ft Desoto Canon_364

Ft Desoto Canon_263   Stay tuned to see if we found them.

Jeff and I are now on Sanibel Island~Give us a shout if you want meet and do some birding.


  1. Wow, those birds sure are acclimated to people, and feeding, and photos. Your captures are Great!

  2. Seeing those egrets reminds me of what my ophthalmologist's assistant told me. She said on two separate occasions they had patients who tried to help injured egrets. The people got stabbed in the eye with that beak. Apparently, they go for the eyes when they feel threatened. She said the results were ghastly. So, for god's sake, stay away from that beak!

  3. Those friendly FL birds.. that white sand..that turquoise water..So sorry life is tough lol! See, I keep up w/ you! Beautiful pics!

  4. These birds must very very use to the fishermen to let you get so close. Awesome photos, Dawn!

  5. Dawn, Very nice! You guys should have contacted Lorraine and I so we could give you the guided tour!

    Don Margeson

  6. What a wonderful birding experience. Sanibel is another great place!

  7. WOW SANIBEL what a great place. Are you on Rabbit Road?

  8. More wonderful photos. What a lovely place! I'd love to see it. Thank you so much for letting me visit. :-)

  9. You got some nice closeups, Dawn.The fisherman must feed them well. If i was one of those fisherman, I'd be keeping my eye on my pail ;)


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