Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fort De Soto Park, Florida~The Owl

Howdee all,

Yesterday Jeff and I went to Fort De Soto County Park near St. Petersburg.

We had tried to get a camp site at the park but they were booked. We had such a fantastic time here we hope to come back again next year and stay a few weeks at the campground.

I took  soooo many photos of the gorgeous beach and the birds we saw that I am dividing this visit into two or three posts.

Our first stop in the Park was to see the nesting Great Horned Owl.

See the orange barrier? The owls nest is fairly low in the tree and the barrier was put there so that people wouldn’t disturb the owls.

We didn’t see the owlets…we were told there are two.

Ft Desoto Canon_055

We did see Mom who is sitting on the owlets..

Ft Desoto Canon_052Isn't she a beauty?

Ft Desoto Canon_053This photo digiscoped by Jeff

Ft Desoto Jeff _005The photo below I used my ipod touch to digiscope


Stay tuned for my next post~ I will take you to the white sandy beach…

Ft Desoto Canon_085


  1. Looks like a wonderful spot Dawn, can't wait for the next installment :)


  2. Awesome Owl captures! The female Great Horned Owl is so very beautiful! I will have to visit Fort De Soto County Park next time I take a trip to visit my parents on the west coast of Florida. Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Love the owl! Sounds like someone was having fun!

  4. We tried to book a spot there too last year, and were unable because it was full. It is a very nice park. I guess you have to book a bit ahead of time to get in.

  5. Beautiful owl, Dawn! Great shots. I am glad they have a fence there to keep photographers from getting too close. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  6. I went camping at Fort De Soto in December, and had so much fun! When you try to camp there again, make sure you secure a spot on the water. It's a beautiful campground with regularly planned activities for the guests. Great pictures, by the way.

    RV Campgrounds

  7. Wonderful owl photos, Lovely Dawn! Owl look for the next installment. :-)


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