Monday, March 05, 2012

Fort De Soto~Here they are~Marbled Godwit

Howdee all,

Remember a few posts back we were looking for the Marbled Godwit?

Ft Desoto Canon_315

Well …look..past the Laughing Gulls..

Ft Desoto Canon_278

Amongst the Willet..

Ft Desoto Canon_277

We have…

Marbled Godwit!

Ft Desoto Canon_302

I counted 26 earlier..but, seems like some flew off..

Ft Desoto Canon_304

So here I go…Marbled godwit love…

Ft Desoto Canon_330I was so excited to see this group and to get close to them

Ft Desoto Canon_341

yeah..I took lots of photos..

See that one on the right preening?

Ft Desoto Canon_342

I took a few close ups..

I will show you one now..

but…I took so many I will save them for another post.

Ft Desoto Canon_290


Ft Desoto Canon_292

Laughing Gull

Ft Desoto Canon_283

There were a few Rudy Turnstones hanging out near the Gulls..

Ft Desoto Canon_287

I noticed them going under the gulls.

Ft Desoto Canon_333And eating..Poop?

Ft Desoto Canon_334

To each their own..ha

Ft Desoto Canon_289

Stay tuned for more

Close ups with the Marbled Godwit!


  1. Beautiful photos Dawn, I love the turnstones!

  2. All right, you found the marbled godwits. Great photos. So close it's like they were eating out of your hand.

  3. Wonderful photos Dawn. Awesome birding, love the scale with the ruddy and the gulls. They often look so big by themselves but they are tiny.

  4. I have been enjoying your great photos. This looks like a great place to visit.

  5. Wonderful photographs!!! Great post!

  6. Hip hip hooray for Marbled Godwits! I love their long, slender bills. Awesome photographs!

  7. I can't wait to see our first of the year Laughing Gulls! Send them North!

    Looks like you are eating up FL!


  8. Cool sighting and capture of the Marbled Godwits. They are awesome birds. Your photos are wonderful Dawn!

  9. Thanks you all for your kind comments..
    It was a great place to get fairly close up photos of birds.
    Thats what I like..because my point and shoot cameras can get a few decent close ups.

    Hope you all put this on your list of places to visit!


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