Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Biggest Week~Life Peeps

Howdee all,

Last year

Jeff and I went to


The Biggest Week in American Birding 


We found out that the Biggest Week 

  is not just about the Birds

Its about the People too!

Many people who I knew via Blogs, facebook and twitter were there.


~You never know who you might meet on the boardwalk.

 magee_023 (1)

Facebook friend Barb Padgett and yours truly at our favorite place for

Pie! Blackberry Corner


Facebook and twitter friend Janet Kissick Hug


Janet, Lillian Stokes and me

Biggest Week_006 (1)

Biggest Week_007 (2)

Kenn Kaufman, Janet and me

magee_003 (1)Cheryl Harner the Weedpicker

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_023

Greg Miller

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_017 its not just about the people either..We are here to see birds too!


Did someone say Connecticut Warbler?

biggest week_005 (3)

Bird Peeps Life list

Barb Padgett

Ann Oliver

Sherrie Duris

Sally Deems-Mogyordy

Deb Neidert

Kenn and Kim Kaufman

Janet Kissick Hug

Spring Disney

Lillian Stokes

Dave Lewis  Loopy and his lovely Doodles

Cheryl Harner

Greg Miller

 Rob Rimpa

Jerry Jourdan

Laura Kammermeier

Stephen Ingraham

Clay Taylor

I know I am forgetting a few..


Who will I add to my Peep life list this year?


  1. Glad you're having a GREAT time!!!
    Travel safe

  2. I'm up to my eyeballs then: National Train Day on Sat. with Son #2 (set up on Friday), Girl Scout Historic Marker dedication and Lock-in at the Toledo Museum of Art the same night, and leave for WY no later than Tues the 8th. Will you be here by Thurs the 3rd?

    Hard for me to believe that some people think there's nothing to do in NW Ohio.... :)

  3. Interesting! I assume Don did not accompany Lillian Stokes. I am totally impressed.

  4. thanks everyone for your comments..
    I really enjoy meeting my cyber friends in person!
    Hope to meet all of you too!

    Marianne, aka Ranger Anna ~I think we arrive on the 3rd~not positive on this yet. Lets stay in touch. Would love to meet you!

    Don was with her ..but somewhere else on the boardwalk at the time.
    We were thrilled to bird with them a week ago when we were on Sanibel!
    Very nice people.


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