Friday, March 02, 2012

Fort De Soto~Florida~Beach Birding

Howdee all,

I took massive amounts of photos at Fort De Soto two days ago..I think I will need to divide this up into at least ten posts..ha

We had such a delightful time.

The weather was super! It was nice to walk in the water and sand.

Great to see all the sunbathers~average age 70s! Very cool!

This is the pathway from the north end of North Beach..

Ft Desoto Canon_214

You will see Wood Stork and other birds hanging out near the picnic area.

Ft Desoto Canon_210

Looking out to the beach..

Ft Desoto fugi_010We walked to the south end of North beach to see some birds..

We were here the day before and saw many Marbled Godwit,one Long Billed Curlew and other assorted birds~  we went to see if they were still around..

Ft Desoto Canon_085

The Curlew was still around…

But no Marbled Godwit.

Ft Desoto Canon_010We then searched for a reported Wilsons Plover in the area..

nope this is not a Wilsons~

Black-bellied Plover

Ft Desoto Canon_039Nope neither is this~Semi-palmated Plover

Ft Desoto it is~we saw two Wilsons

Ft Desoto Canon_057Wilsons Plover

Ft Desoto Canon_065

We walked on toward the small inlet

Ft Desoto Canon_086

I thought I saw a few dead skimmers in the group of birds..

Ft Desoto Canon_126

I went closer to see what was going on..

Silly Skimmers with Big Honkers and no eyes playing dead! Winking smile

I think they look like black sea shells. Ha! Maybe they are disguising themselves as a sea shell.

Ft Desoto Canon_133

I was told it has something do do with the combination of staying cool and that big heavy bill.

Oh, they do have eyes..I see one. :)

Ft Desoto Canon_132

On the opposite side of the inlet were terns and a few gulls.

Royal terns and a cute couple sandwiched in the middle.

Ft Desoto Canon_091Sandwich Terns

Ft Desoto Jeff _008

Laughing Gulls in various stages of plumage.

Ft Desoto Canon_106

Royal terns…many had opened bills like this one..I think must have something to do with cooling off.

Ft Desoto Canon_117

I got a kick out of this Hair doo~ must take allot of gel!

Ft Desoto Canon_115

Jeff and I walked on to another area and sat in the shade…This is what we were looking at..Clear shallow water..

Way in the distance on that white sand..I saw birds!

Ft Desoto Canon_191The water was pretty shallow and I walked as far as I could..then the water became dark and deeper~

Look what I found!

Ft Desoto Canon_172I walked closer…

Marbled Godwit, Oystercatchers, A White Ibis and Willets.

There were people walking in the area and the birds soon flew..


Ft Desoto Canon_175We continued to rest and watch the birds from the shady woodland

A group of White Ibis..

Ft Desoto Canon_201Came romping in looking for something good to eat..

Ft Desoto Canon_197

Tip toe thru the tulips..


Ft Desoto Canon_196

A Reddish Egret flew in and did its fishing dance..

Ft Desoto Canon_148

Check out the fishing Dance!

We had fun…just sitting and watching..but it was time to move on and explore more of the beach…

Stay tuned for more birds and beach~

Ft Desoto Canon_230

Jeff and I leave the St. Petersburg area tomorrow and head south.



  1. Wow, you got in a lot of birding, and a whole lot of great photos. Never seen a bird lay down like those skimmers. Bill must be heavy. Wouldn't think 70 degrees was all that hot. Saw swallows on their bellies with wings stretched for cooling.

    Safe journey.

  2. Truly marvelous Dawn. There are lots of top drawer photos here, though I think those Terns with their male-pattern baldness are my favorite. Quite an excellent selection of shorebirds, thanks for sharing them all.

  3. Lots of super images Dawn and great weather.
    You should stay there more often.{:)

  4. Wow, Dawn! great birds and awesome photos. Happy Birding! Have a great time in Sanibel!

  5. Can I come? It looks great Dawn and what a marvelous assortment of birds!!

  6. Wow! Great captures Dawn!

  7. Wow, awesome birds. Love that fishing dance!

  8. Love the interesting behaviors you observed, lots of great photos.

  9. Wonderful post and photos Lovely Dawn. Love the fishing dance!

  10. Thanks Friends!

    It truly was fun and memorable here! We will come back again and stay longer in this area.

    Cindy~I do have a sofa bed you can sleep on..hee hee.


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