Monday, March 12, 2012

Captiva Evening~Florida

Howdee all,

A few nights ago Jeff and I went for an evening walk on Captiva Island..Blind pass area.

captiva evening_001Look at this massive shell mound!

It was close to sunset and we were here for a walk..

so we didn't go thru this pile.

captiva evening_002We walked the some of the birds do.

captiva evening_003The skies to the south were stormy and dramatic.

captiva evening_004The clouds were moving and changing..

captiva evening_008We walked north for a few miles...

captiva evening_012Turning south to look at the clouds...that were creeping toward us.

captiva evening_014We thought there was a possibility this storm would miss us..

So we kept walking…

captiva evening_019We wanted to catch the sunset…

We continued to walk north away from the car.

captiva evening_020Past some Willets..

captiva evening_024As the sun started to set..

captiva evening_030We noticed the dark clouds above us.

captiva evening_033Moving over us and toward the north..

captiva evening_032

Then the gray clouds let loose…'

I took no more photos…

We quickly packed up the camera in a waterproof bag and ran back to the car.

We ran for about a half hour….a bit before we reached the car the rain stopped.

We were sopping wet….but enjoyed the exercise.

Jeff was impressed I could run for a half hour straight.

Ha…You do what you have to do..

captiva evening_027

I am loving Sanibel and its beaches…today on our beach walk we saw the continuing

Black Skimmers, Royal, Sandwich, Fosters Terns, Laughing, Ring-billed, Lesser and Great Black backed Gulls. Red knot, Western Sandpiper, Snowy Plover, Black-bellied plover, Sanderling, Dunlin, Rudy turnstone, Brown Pelican.


  1. Nice storm shots! Typical Florida weather. Looks like you're having a good trip.

  2. Very cool storm captures, Dawn! Neat dramatic clouds. There is nothing like a Florida downpour.

  3. Dawn what gorgeous pics! I love that place! I have only been there once back in 2003. Wow, look at all those shells! Amazing! Ha! I knew you were going to get wet and I, too, am amazed that you ran for 1/2 hour straight and in sand too! That is very hard to do! Those photos are worth it though!

  4. You got some great shots worth the storm catching up with you, and some exercise too.

  5. Great photos and a very impressive bird list.

  6. Brave souls to venture out for a sunset in the face of a storm. We love Sanibel Island and Ding Darling. It my favorite Florida next to Corkscrew Sanctuary and Hammon Stadium in Fort Meyer where we get to watch the Twins in spring training...:)

  7. Dina J
    Thanks Dina! We are having a super trip.

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie~it was a great downpour..soaked to the bone. Luckily no lightning.

    Kathiesbirds ..
    Thanks Kathie~ the drenching was certainly worth I did need the exercise..hee hee

    Gaelyn ..
    Thanks Gaelyn..I needed the exercise!

    Thanks Gene~Some awesome birds to be seen here!

    We haven't been to Corkscrew this visit but plan to do so. I guess lots of people like to come to florida for spring training. We havent attended any games yet.

  8. Wow! Just amazing scene shots Dawn.


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