Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missing Sanibel scenes~

Howdee all,

I am missing Sanibel

and its

Beach birding

Beach walks sanibel_101

more sanibel_107

Beach walks sanibel_082

Beach walks sanibel_090

Beach walks sanibel_104

Beach walks sanibel_188

jeffs beach pics_001

Beach walks sanibel_096

Beach walks sanibel_115

Beach walks sanibel_124

I am missing Sanibel's

Ding Darling NWR

more sanibel_049

more sanibel_042

more sanibel_051

more sanibel_071

I am missing..

Sanibel's birding and nature..

more sanibel_085

more sanibel_088

more sanibel_090

more sanibel_092

more sanibel_091

I am Missing Sanibel's shells

and the cool stuff on Sanibel's beaches

Beach walks sanibel_158

Beach walks sanibel_149

Beach walks sanibel_109


beach walk sanibel_001

Beach walks sanibel_134

I am missing the Sanibel stoop

Beach walks sanibel_128

I am missing the evenings on the beach in Sanibel

Beach walks sanibel_150

Beach walks sanibel_161\more sanibel_165

more sanibel_168

more sanibel_174

Beach walks sanibel_191

Beach walks sanibel_198

jeffs beach pics_016

Beach walks sanibel_210

jeffs beach pics_022

jeffs beach pics_027

~I am missing you Sanibel~

Until we meet again…

Beach walks sanibel_192


  1. Lovely photos, Dawn makes me want to be there

  2. i love the three cormorants! great photos, as always

  3. EXCELLENT pics! I'm counting the weeks until my toes are in that sand and I'm hunched over searching for shells...

  4. Beautiful shots Dawn. I can see why you miss Sanibel Island! I would love to go there. When are you and Jeff coming West? I miss you guys!

  5. GREAT photos Dawn ~ It is a wonderful place....
    Have fun & travel safe

  6. Beautiful birds and beach photos, Dawn! I would miss this place too.

  7. So very beautiful! Viewing your lovely photographs made me miss it Sanibel, too. It really is a stunning paradise.

  8. Never really gotten to do the beach birding but you sure make it look wonderful. It seems especially nice to have all those different shorebirds on display. YOu're looking for cool shells and stuff and so are they!

  9. Gorgeous place and photos Dawn

  10. Beautiful photos Dawn! The cormorants are my favorite of the bird photos-cool pose. I like the seashell and sunsets too. it's amazing the volume of great birds you see there.

  11. What an absolutely beautiful place!!! No wonder you are missing it. All your photos are lovely and so many birds to enjoy...bliss!

  12. Hi Dawn, Your Sanibel pictures are great. I especially love the sunsets. Wow. And what a great birding place. Thanks for sharing all the beauty! John


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