Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sanibel Beach walking~Beach critters

Howdee all,

I love walking Sanibel beaches…especially near the lighthouse…

This beach is not cleared and smoothed clear of these treasures like many beaches are.

I don’t know what all of these things are…so if you do please chime in.

If I have an ID wrong..let me know.


Sanibel Shell and birds_056Sea cucumber

Sanibel Shell and birds_043

This looks like an egg casing ~I think it’s a Tulip egg casing but not sure.

Sanibel Shell and birds_048This looks similar to the critter above…So I assume its also an egg casing

Horse Conch?

Sanibel Shell and birds_119Nine-armed Sea Star

Sanibel Shell and birds_053Fighting Conch

Sanibel Shell and birds_062

Purse Crab

Sanibel Shell and birds_113Sea Anemone

Sanibel Shell and birds_085Opened Sea anemone

Sanibel Shell and birds_090

Whelk egg chain

Sanibel Shell and birds_094

Sanibel Shell and birds_101Sea Urchin

Sanibel Shell and birds_109

Look at all these shells…

Sanibel Shell and birds_181

There are piles of them on the beach..and it changes daily

Sanibel Shell and birds_183

There are areas on Sanibel roped off to protect nesting birds..very nice to see.

Also many signs that remind people that Live Shell collection is not allowed. I was told there is a 200 dollar fine for collecting live shells.

So please only collect shells that have no critters in them…and leave nesting and resting birds alone.

Sanibel Shell and birds_185

Yesterday Jeff and I went birding with Lillian and Don Stokes. We had a super time with them!

Thanks Lillian and Don for sharing your Sanibel and birding knowledge with us.

Lillian and me_004

Jeff and I are on Sanibel for another four or five days~ we haven't decided where we will go from here. We have to be in Titusville on the 25th.

Any suggestions?


  1. Looks like a wonderful place Dawn!!
    So many creatures and shells .... I"d be in HEAVEN!

  2. I'm with Kerri on that.......looks like heaven to me but then I LOVE the beach!!!!!

  3. Great variety of critters. So many shells. Guess when they break up it becomes more beach sand. Great close up shots.

  4. What a wonderful post on a beautiful place! Nice to see a more natural uncleared beach. Love your photos too. :-)

  5. Very cool! I had to show them to Steve since he sees these types of creatures a lot at work. Looks beautiful- hope you're enjoying yourself :)

  6. Hi Dawn, looks like a cool place to visit and explore. The sea critters are neat, the sea star is my favorite. Great photos! I know you are enjoying your time in Florida!

  7. We had a great time birding with you also. So glad you are enjoying Sanibel's beaches and birds.

  8. Cool post nicely done. Like the Sea Conch perspective.

  9. How awesome! That's a lot of critters! How nice to spend time with the Stokes!

    Have you been to corkscrew swamp?

  10. Thanks everyone!
    We really are enjoying our stay here. The wonderful weather certainly helps.

    We havent been to Corkscrew this trip yet..hope to do that next week.

    Hope you all get to come to Sanibel sometime and experience the area first hand.


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