Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ft De Soto~Some Marbled Godwit

Howdee all,

Some Marbled Godwit

Fort De Soto

Ft Desoto Jeff _080_thumb[10]

Some are taken from a distance…the colors seem a bit off

Ft Desoto Jeff _016I kept them here anyway..

Ft Desoto Jeff _023I love me some Marbled Godwit

Ft Desoto Jeff _032Preening Godwit

Ft Desoto Jeff _039Sweet~

Ft Desoto Jeff _069Yesterday my baby camera started seeing dots ..

Ft Desoto Jeff _073It goes in for repairs soon..

in the meantime I will use my not so portable Canon point and shoot.

Ft Desoto Jeff _079That’s the camera I used for the Godwit

Ft Desoto Jeff _083


Beth in NYC said...

Did you see any using those crazy flexible bill tips?

eileeninmd said...

Wow, awesome shots of the Godwits!

Sedona Hikes said...

Soo cute! Their so busy cleaning up and preening haha. Excellent shots as usual. Thanks for the share.

Larry said...

Wow! You really got a good look at them.That would be a big deal bird for me to see!

diane-j-m said...

Wow what great pictures!

willybob said...

Hi Dawn, Love the Godwits, that is one bird that I have never yet seen on my 5 visits to Florida from the UK. Keep the birdy pics comming, they bring back the memories.
Thankyou and all the best Gordon.
I will add you to my blog.

dAwN said...

Thanks everyone for your very kind comments.

Beth~we did see them use those crazy bill tips..very cool indeed!

willybob~Welcome! Happy to have you add me!

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