Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sanibel Island~Beach shelling and birding

Howdee all, 

A few days ago Jeff and I went shelling and birding near the Lighthouse on Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Shell and birds_182_thumb[1]

We arrived around 7:30 and there were already many people out looking for treasures.

Sanibel Shell and birds_026

It was low tide and the Skimmer, Terns and other shorebirds were lined up on the sand bars.

Sanibel Shell and birds_024People shelling around them…

Fort Myers in the distance.

Sanibel Shell and birds_023

Most people were walking the beach and shelling

Sanibel Shell and birds_025There were a few bird watchers..and photographers.

Sanibel Shell and birds_027I was looking up and down..

Sanibel Shell and birds_029Many live shells in the area..

Sanibel Shell and birds_032

Sanibel Shell and birds_033There's Jeff on the right doing some birding

while I take photos and look for shells.

Sanibel Shell and birds_039

Most people were respectful of the birds and distanced themselves as they walked past them.

Sanibel Shell and birds_042

Mostly Sanderlings ..

Sanibel Shell and birds_050The shell seekers had many different contraptions to save them from bending down too often.

This fella in blue is a local and know the shells and what to look for.

Sanibel Shell and birds_055

Live shell and shell seekers.

Sanibel Shell and birds_062Rudy turnstone and shadow

Sanibel Shell and birds_072Willet and shadow..

Sanibel Shell and birds_076Birds and beach walkers co exist..

Sanibel Shell and birds_079Oh my..its getting crowed..

Will I find any shells?

Sanibel Shell and birds_080

We did see a good amount of birds..

Sanibel Shell and birds_142

Sanibel Shell and birds_130

Sanibel Shell and birds_141Red knot, Sandwich Tern and Royal Tern

Sanibel Shell and birds_157

Skimmers take flight

Sanibel Shell and birds_159

The birding scene in video..

Royal and Fosters Tern?

Sanibel Shell and birds_170


We had a super morning…shelling, walking the beach and birding. Jeff and I don’t really care to sunbathe..but those beach chairs sure did look inviting!


Sanibel Shell and birds_184

Oh.and We did find shells!

This is actually two days worth..

Some collected on Captiva Island

Sanibel Shell and birds_193

Cant wait to go out again and find more!

Sanibel Shell and birds_197


  1. BONANZA of birds and shells!

  2. Looks beautiful! What will you do with all of those shells?

  3. With the kid chasing the birds, I'd have said something to the father. In the photo with the sandwich and royal terns and the skimmers, I believe you have at least one Forster's Tern, a bit left and up of centre. Nice blog and a nice reminder of Sanibel 40+ years since!
    Andy, Spain

  4. Wonderful post!! Wish I had been there! :) Love those shells and the birds, of course!

  5. Many of those birds would be lifers for me, and to get so close to them would be amazing. Your photos are great Dawn!

  6. Fantastic! I have great memories of that place, but when I was there it wasn't anything like this!

  7. Great collection of shells and birds. The birds should be heading this way soon. Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on the beach. Stunning photographs! Lots of beautiful birds and lovely shells. You picked up some of my favorites -- banded tulips, shark eye shells and coral. I think I even see a sea urchin. Fantastic!

  9. Wow, such an amazing collection of shells in one place Dawn.

  10. How fun! What a wonderful way to spend time, shelling and birding. That spotted shell is very unusual.

  11. An excellent collection of shells and birds! I love Sanibel, and know how many amazing sights can compete for your attention all at once. You really captured the experience excellently!

  12. What a lovely place! Excellent photos of the birds and shells. :-)

  13. This is awesome. Amazing how close you got to the terns. I have to go to that island. Nice trip.

  14. Hi Dawn, This is such a cool post. And your photos make me feel like I was right there. Very nice and thank you! John

  15. They don't call it the "Sanibel Stoop" for nothing. I just love it there and at Ding Darling.

  16. How incredibly awesome, I'm jealous! Is your shell ID as good as your bird ID? I'd love to know what all those little treasures are!

  17. Beautiful pictures of the beach and oh the shells are great. What a collection! Birds and shells on the beach what could be better? Great pictures. I love all the colors of the shells grouped together that you gathered.

  18. Thanks everyone!
    We truly are having a wonderful time here.
    The weather has been the 80s and sunny during the day. A few evening showers.
    The birding is excellent..the shelling superb..the beaches are scrumptious!
    I cant get enough of to the beach soon to see whats out there.
    Every day the beach looks so different!

  19. If u get the chance check out Pam over at i Love Shelling she's a local u may of seen her lite turquoise tshirt or hat that has on it doing the sanibel stoop got the honor of meeting her while visiting Sanibel I love everything about Sanibel and I just joined your blog will b following your trips great blog and thanks for Florida beachhunter for posting u on my FB


  20. That's a great selection of shells. Sanibel is a great place for shelling and birding.


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