Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Drive home West Boulder hike…yep, still more

Howdee all,

By the time you read this we will be in Yellowstone National Park.

I will have no internet connection.

And I may be having a few withdrawals. …Yikes!


I want to show you a few more photos from the drive home from that same hike whose photos I haven't posted….but I have posted quite a few from the drive.

Hike west boulder_20090822_249 So…here are more…photos that are paintings

Hike west boulder_20090822_252

The lighting was so cool…this one reminds me of an old postcard.Hike west boulder_20090822_250

Do they look like old postcards to you? See the house above? here it is closer…Hike west boulder_20090822_253 And closer still…I returned the deposit for the homes a few posts back

and put it on this house…what do you think?Hike west boulder_20090822_260 Suns a setting…

Which photo do you like better…this one with less orange..Hike west boulder_20090822_246Or this one with more? I couldn't decide…so I give you both.

Hike west boulder_20090822_248

Take care…will see you in a week…Catch up on your blogs, facebooks, Tweets and Chirps!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Dawn! What a fabulous area....I want to visit!!

  2. What a spectacular set of photos!! Worthy of frames indeed.

  3. What a spectacular set of photos!! Worthy of frames indeed.

  4. Good Morning Dawn, I loved your photos today and YES they did look like old timey photos... I liked the sunset picture #2 because it had more color in it. Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  5. All are indeed gorgeous. I like your new house. Have fun in Yellowstone. You'll survive without the Net yet we'll miss you.

  6. Wow, gorgeous photos. Hope you had fun in Yellowstone.

  7. I really think these photos are marvelous, and was wondering if they were altered in anyway, or if they are straight from the camera. You rock!


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